Skyrim Special Edition
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A few navmesh improvements. --- .esl

Permissions and credits
  • Russian
  • Broken Oar Grotto
  • Cragslane Cavern
  • Cronvangr Cave
  • Dead Crone Rock
  • Dimhollow Crypt
  • Faldar's Tooth
  • Frostflow Abyss
  • Gloomreach
  • Halldir's Cairn
  • Hob's Fall Cave
  • Irkngthand Sanctuary
  • Labyrinthian
  • Morvunskar
  • Nchuand-Zel
  • Nightingale Hall
  • Potema's dungeons
  • Ruunvald Excavation
  • Shimmermist Cave
  • Shriekwind Bastion
  • Shroud Hearth Barrow
  • Silent City Catacombs
  • Silverdrift Lair
  • Snapleg Cave
  • Soul Cairn & Boneyard
  • Southfringe Sanctum
  • Stony Creek Cave
  • Swindler's Den
  • Temple of Miraak -- Sanctum
  • Whiterun Hall of the Dead Catacombs
  • Windhelm Hall of the Dead

Optional tweak for defaultNoEnemiesFollowDoorScript to prevent non-standard followers from being unable to exit Broken Oar Grotto.

WARNING: Don't "clean" the ITMs -- the few in the mod are ALL intended.

NOTE: The all-in-one Navigator.esl version is definitely the recommended choice and should be placed as high as possible in the load order -- eg, right after USSEP (if you use it, of course.)
The all-in-one Navigator.esp and modular versions are included for special cases and for those who know what they're doing.

Not easy to find a relevant meme for this, but here's a tentative one :)