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Just a simple fix I made in TES5Edit that prevents the "Hey watch it" type dialogue, that you get from running into people, from playing in combat.

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If you have ever used the critical charge perk, you’re probably familiar with this long term annoyance of mine. Charging into battle swinging your great sword to one shot an enemy archer only to hear "What’s the hurry?" Completely killing the mood of heated combat. Well no more. 

This mod is a simple edit that adds "not in combat/critical" conditions to the dialogue that normally plays when you run into people. So people will still get mad at you for running into them around town, but won’t utter ridiculous last words when you smack them with your sword. I forwarded all usleep changes to the effected dialogue, though usleep is not required, Dragonborn is required.

Thanks to raccoondance, of hunters not bandits, for suggesting the Voice File Reference Tool which is how I was able to make this.