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Have you ever had that moment where you had the perfect assassination lined up, only for the target to sidestep while he wasn't looking at you? This mod makes it so enemies do not have superpower sensing/dodging. No BS Guaranteed!

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This is a lightweight, script-free solution for curing radioactive spider poison from enemy NPC's. How kind of you.  

A must have mod.

skyshark Thank you so much for this, Its one of those things that really annoys me! I get so fed up I take out the biggest warhammer I have and run down screaming at them like a Lunatic Berserker!! so much for learning all those bow skills, it makes a mockery out of it! I can almost hear them mouthing Na-Na-NANANA....GGrrr! as they sidestep my eighteenth arrow. Thank you for saving my game.....and sanity...

LewdGeek No BS???? When you do somthing you do it correctly that means write the complete word cuz BS means nothing

Maethendias whats even worse is when you have the perfect shot lined up
but then the killcam starts and you just keep shooting your feet

Have you ever had that moment where you are completely hidden, out of sight, looking to assassinate your target? You made sure all your cards are lined up. As you pull the deadly arrow through your bowstring and shoot with precision, suddenly the target sidesteps! What's worse, he wasn't even looking at you! 

Fret not, fledgling marksman, for I have the mod for you!!  

This mod makes a tweak to the AI to remove their tingling spider senses. The next time you lay in wait, lining up that perfect fatal shot on an NPC, they will realistically take a fatal arrow shot to the knee. And did I mention this mod was immersive? Nobody lives in a world in a world where people have an eye in the back of their head. Except if it's that creepy professor with a turban for your Defense Against the Dark Arts class... 

Wildcat / Smilodon - I haven't checked the plugin yet if they edit the same game setting variable. Put my mod AFTER the this in your load order and it should hypothetically work.   

Mortal Enemies - Compatible, load order doesn't matter


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Shameless ripoff Chesko's personal message written at the end of his mod. I felt this could be the minimum I could give you guys outside the actual creation and maintenance of the mod