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Sick of rude Imperial soldiers that are escorting prisoners on the road telling you to bug off in a threatening tone, even when your rank is Legate? This mod \"fixes\" that! They will no longer be rude to Imperial legionnaires. Bonus - you can fool them if you wear Imperial chest armour, even if you\'re not an Imperial legionnaire!

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Citizen! Your presence is interfering with Imperial business. Be gone!
- rude Imperial soldier

I'm a Legate, soldier! How dare you talk to me that way!
- Me, pissed off

Those Imperial soldiers that escort Stormcloak prisoners are downright rude, even when I'm Legate! So, this simple mod will "fix" what I think to be an oversight on Bethesda's part. At the very least they should tell you to "move along" nicely without the threatening tone if you're on the "same side". They will continue to be rude to everyone else.

Bonus - if you did not side with the Empire but you have an Imperial chest armour piece in your inventory, wear it. You will make them think you're one of the troops too and they won't be rude to you.

This mod does NOT use any scripts AT ALL, so it's safe to install or uninstall at whim.

This mod also does NOT change/alter any of the Thalmor escorts. Thalmors remain as snotty as ever, regardless of which side you take.

Reason is simple - I don't view this as "broken". Thalmors will view EVERYONE with disdain and contempt, and this fits with the lore of Skyrim.

Video of mod in action is available on Youtube

Will conflict with any mods that modify the following Quests:

WE09 <--- actual prisoner escort "quest"
CWDialogue <--- random greeting/comment lines
CWDialogueSoldiers <-- random greeting/comment lines

Does NOT conflict with "Immersive Patrols" mod at all. That mod doesn't use any of the quests above (because I *DO* use this mod and I enjoy the simplicity of it).

Honestly, I don't use a lot of mods (50 or so, texture replacers, addtional weapons and armour etc). If you ask me "Will this conflict with XYZ mod?" my answer would very likely be "No clue, I don't use that mod". Use TES5Edit to make sure if you're concerned about conflicts. That's why I listed the 3 quests this mod modifies, to allow you to see what other mods you have that may conflict.

Manual or NMM, the usual way.