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A fully configured .ini file for use with Kassent's Skyrim Skill Uncapper, fully tuned and balanced for Enai Siaion's Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim.

Permissions and credits
This is simply a SkyrimUncapper.ini file that replaces the .ini file generated by Kessent's Skyrim Skill Uncapper.  The values contained within the configuration file have been fine tuned for use with Enai Siaion's excellent Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim overhaul.

It is designed to balance the leveling system for both skills and character level progression.  It uncaps level limits, and lengthens skill progression.
Other improvements include modifications to number of perks, health, stamina, magicka, and overall carry weight received per level increase. 

Skyrim Skill Uncapper by Kassent 

You can either manually replace the values contained in the vanilla SkyrimUncapper.ini generated by the Skyrim Skill Uncapper, with the one's provided here.
-Or, replace the original file entirely with mine.  The choice is yours.

In version 1.1 of the Skyrim Skill Uncapper, the mod author enabled use of SKSE64. That is my recommended method of installation. Use v1.1m (for mod managers), download it to the mod manager of your choice, and then install it by either merging it (MO2) with Skyrim Skill Uncapper. Thereby replacing the original .ini generated by the mod. Or, install it after the Uncapper and overwriting the original .ini file. (MO2, NMM, Vortex) 

The file itself looks different when compared to the vanilla SkyrimUncapper.ini mainly due to the fact that I have added explanations and default values to the different settings provided by the file.  But don't worry, the nuts and bolts remain the same. I just wanted people to know what would actually be affected by the modifiers.  Feel free to make any changes to fit your own personal tastes, but it may change the balance in unintended ways. 

Kassent, the author of the Skyrim Skill Uncapper, for their blessing to post this file to the Nexus.
Elys, the author of the Skyrim Community Uncapper for the original game. Without their hard work, this system would not be possible.
Black Shruikan and Aselnor whose uncapper.ini files for the Community Uncapper helped formulate my own modifications.
And finally, Enai Siaion for all his mods that help turn Skyrim into "Enai-rim"