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Opens eye sockets on vanilla closefaced helmets. All races are supported with their own unique helmet model for a complete immersive experience. Full compatibility with texture replacers.

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Improved Closefaced Helmets
For Skyrim Special Edition


Mod Description
This mod makes modifications to skyrim's closefaced helmets to have actual eye sockets and gaps so that you can see the characters' eyes and some face features. The modification is done to the meshes only, which means that you can use any texture re-placer of your choice as long as it does not change anything in the meshes.
Each race has it's own helmet model appropriate for their size and head shape (most notable on beast races).
Here is a list of the helmets that are included:

Steel plate helmet   -   Dwarven helmet   -   Ebony helmet   -   Daedric helmet   -   Guards/Stormcloak helmet   -   Imperial full faced helmet   -   Nightingale hoods   -   Dawnguard heavy helmet   -   Bonemold helmet   -   Chitin light helmet   -   Chitin heavy helmet  -   Vanilla Dragon priest masks (including Konahrik)   -   Dragonborn dlc dragon priest masks (including Mirrak)

Compatibility patches and optional files will be added for SSE.

Thank you Nazenn for providing updates and support


Use the mod manager or simply copy the .esp and .bsa files to your skyrim data folder. and don't forget to select them in your load order.


NOT compatible with any mod that modifies the mesh files or the stats of the subjected helmets.
The mod with priority will overwrite the other one's changes. Therefore, if you see headless NPCs check for mod confilcts and adjust loading order.

Known Bugs
Very long beards will clip through the helmet.
Report any clipping or bugs in the comments 

Used Tools/Programs
3ds max 2010
bethesda's creation kit for skyrim

give credit and link if you want to use this in your mods.!

everyone is free to translate the mod into their native language while having a link back here.
- Many thanks to Nazenn for taking the time helping the mod users with glitches, bugs and workarounds.