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Want to add the Encounter Zone's level to the text you see before you enter a zone? This is an updated version of hishutup's original patcher that now correctly pulls the correct EZ levels from any/all mods.

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Want to add the Encounter Zone's level to the text you see before you enter a zone?  This is an updated version of hishutup's original patcher that now correctly pulls the correct EZ levels from any/all mods.

You can find the original mod here: UPF Cell Encounter Level in Name Patcher

Please consider going to the original mod and giving it a download and then an Endorsement to support the original author!!  Or even a Kudos for hishutup.  TY!!

This is an updated version of hishutup's original mod.  The original would not always pull the correct EZ levels when they came from other mods, such as my OMEGA MLU AIO mod.  However, thanks to the hard work of mickthompson4000 we now have an updated version of the original patcher that will pull the correct EZ's.  In addition to that, the patcher now uses parentheses for the levels for a slightly better aesthetic.  

So what does this mean for you, the end user?

If you use any mods that alter Encounter Zones, or have mods that add new areas such as Bruma, then this will be extremely useful.  For those who don't use anything like that then this may be of limited or little use to you.  

Look at the picture above for an example of what this mod looks like in game.  This will only affect the text before you load into a zone.  It will not affect anything else, such as the text on the map.


  1. Download and install the most current version of zEdit.
  2. Install the folder downloaded here called "hishy-cell-encounter-level-in-name" and place it inside the "modules" folder inside of the zEdit folder after it's been installed.  Example file path after you installed this patcher: (zEdit_Alpha_v0.4.3_-_Portable_x64\modules\hishy-cell-encounter-level-in-name)
  3. Run zEdit and after it's fully loaded right click into the left side pane and choose "Manage Patchers".  
  4. You can select Build/Build All here or you can change the settings by clicking on this Patcher on the left side of the popped up window.
  5. It is not suggested that you change the settings unless you know what you're doing, but you can make some mods ignored by this process here or change how the levels will appear in the name of a zone.
  6. If using things such as Bashed/Smashed, this should be run AFTER those have been done.

If you're unsure of how to install zEdit here is a video to follow.

Skyrim SE: ZEdit Alpha Mod Organizer 2 Installation Tutorial


Some users have experienced their Patcher settings not saving to their current changes that have been made.  This will usually only happen when zEdit is already installed, particularly if you've already used another version of this patcher.  If you have this issue search for "patcherSettings.json" under (zEdit_Alpha_v0.4.3_-_Portable_x64\profiles\Skyrim SE) and delete it.  It will be regenerated and solve this issue when you next use zEdit.

Smashed Patch and other Cell Patches

If running Smashed the simplest solution for Cell entry issues (such as lighting mods) is to start using the Force All option.  This is relevant largely for users already using Force All for things like MLU or Requiem.  

For example, in OMEGA you have to set the MLU.esp (OMEGA MLU) and the PrvtI_HeavyArmory.esp (OMEGA Heavy Armory) to Force All instead of Smash All.  If you were using ELE, you'd set ELE to Force All as well.  Then the zPatch will pull the proper info without issues.  See the picture above for an example of how this ends up in xEdit.

Credits and Thank You's!!

Donation Points:  They are turned on and set to give 100% of the DP's to hishutup, the original author.  I'm getting 0 DP's from this.

I want to be perfectly clear here.  I know jack all about scripts or how to create patchers like this.  This is entirely the work of hishutup and then updated by mickthompson4000.  Also, as stated on the original mod page, credit is due to matortheeternal as well.

I am uploading this updated version at the request of mickthompson4000.  He worked on this to make it work properly adding OMEGA into Lexy's LOTD.  Largely to fix issues with Cell entries not being carried over properly from lighting mods (such as ELE) with the Cell Names in OMEGA (which have now been stripped out in favor of this method).  This has been uploaded per the open perms listed on hishutup's mod page

Any other cool stuff?!
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