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A comprehensive overhaul of Beyond Skyrim - Bruma's ingredients, effects, food, drinks and flora for full integration with Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul.

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  • Chinese - Mandarin
A comprehensive overhaul of Beyond Skyrim - Bruma SE ingredients, effects, food and drinks for full integration with Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul.

Bruma introduces a considerable number of new ingredients and some new potion effects.
  • Patched 52 new Bruma ingredients with CACO values and effects
  • Patched 26 duplicate CACO ingredients, selecting the best looking mesh in game
  • Duplicate ingredients are patched for all world placements, Llists and any Quests.
  • CACO's carefully balanced Effect distribution has been applied to Bruma's ingredients
  • Bruma's new potion Effects Light and Shield have been retained
  • Ingredient weights have been reduced and ingredient values tweaked
  • All pick up and drop sounds were adjusted to match CACO
  • Restore potions and Damage poisons have been added to CACO variable timing Llists
  • Bruma ingredients have been added to the CACO FormList and LList and can be obtained via the MCM cheat

Ingestibles (food and drink)
Bruma's food has received a major overhaul with new recipes, portions and full synergy with CACO.
  • Food names, weights, values and keywords have been adjusted to match CACO
  • CACO Fortify effects, Inebriation effects and keywords have been added to all Bruma food and drinks
  • Portions are added to bread, cheese, pies, brandy and larger meat cuts
  • A lot of new crafting recipes have been added. Now all Bruma foods can be cooked earning the player CACO cooking experience
  • Campfire compatible cooking recipes are added for Bruma raw meats (Campfire is not required as a master)
  • Juice drinks and recipes have been added for Bruma's oranges, watermelons and grapes
  • Bruma's raw meats can be cooked into various broths
  • Inns will now have an appropriate mix of CACO and Bruma foods and drinks.
  • Bruma container food spawn lists will now include CACO ingestibles (onions, oil, sugar, vinegar, etc)
  • Bruma stews using the vanilla stew texture will use a variety of CACO texture sets
  • Animals raw meat and ingredient drops changed to match CACO deathitem lists

  • The CACO learning script has been added to Bruma's Recipe Notes. The recipe notes use CACO's naming conventions and are corrected for any changed ingredient effects.
  • Alchemy tools (bandages, mortar & pestles, retorts, etc) have been added to Bruma apothecaries
  • Poultice recipes added for Bruma breads
  • Distilled alcohol retort recipes added for Bruma alcoholic drinks

Flora / Trees
  • The CACO harvest script has been added to all Bruma Trees and Flora (thank you to ArtaiosGreybark)
  • CACO's variable ingredient harvests have been applied to the majority of Bruma's Flora and Tree records
  • Bruma Ingredients are patched with the CACO/HF flPlanterPlantedFlora Planter list
  • Patched all Bruma plants so they yield CACO ingredients where appropriate
  • Added Foxglove Nectar harvest to Bruma's foxglove plants

Distribution in Skyrim
  • The Winking Skeever (Solitude) will sell a modest variety of Bruma drinks and cooked meals for their Imperial clientele
  • All Skyrim Inns have a small chance of listing Bruma cheese, cooked veges and juices on the menu
  • Arcadia (Arcadia's Cauldron Whiterun) uses her Imperial connections to obtain a small collection of Bruma ingredients
  • Khajiit caravan's sell Bruma fruit, sweets and rare ingredients

Patch is a .esp/ESL flagged file

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Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul.esp
CACO_Beyond Skyrim Bruma_Patch.esp

Kryptopyr for Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul
The Beyond Skyrim - Cyrodiil Development Team for Beyond Skyrim - Bruma SE