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A comprehensive overhaul of Beyond Skyrim - Bruma's ingredients, effects, food, drinks and flora for full integration with Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul.

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A comprehensive overhaul of Beyond Skyrim - Bruma SE ingredients, effects, food and drinks for full integration with Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul.

Bruma introduces a considerable number of new ingredients and some new potion effects.
  • Patched 52 new Bruma ingredients with CACO values and effects
  • Patched 26 duplicate CACO ingredients, selecting the best looking mesh in game
  • Duplicate ingredients are patched for all world placements, Llists and any Quests.
  • CACO's carefully balanced Effect distribution has been applied to Bruma's ingredients
  • Bruma's new potion Effects Light and Shield have been retained
  • Ingredient weights have been reduced and ingredient values tweaked
  • All pick up and drop sounds were adjusted to match CACO
  • Restore potions and Damage poisons have been added to CACO variable timing Llists
  • Bruma ingredients have been added to the CACO FormList and LList and can be obtained via the MCM cheat

Ingestibles (food and drink)
Bruma's food has received a major overhaul with new recipes, portions and full synergy with CACO.
  • Food names, weights, values and keywords have been adjusted to match CACO
  • CACO Fortify effects, Inebriation effects and keywords have been added to all Bruma food and drinks
  • Portions are added to bread, cheese, pies, brandy and larger meat cuts
  • A lot of new crafting recipes have been added. Now all Bruma foods can be cooked earning the player CACO cooking experience
  • Campfire compatible cooking recipes are added for Bruma raw meats (Campfire is not required as a master)
  • Juice drinks and recipes have been added for Bruma's oranges, watermelons and grapes
  • Bruma's raw meats can be cooked into various broths
  • Inns will now have an appropriate mix of CACO and Bruma foods and drinks.
  • Bruma container food spawn lists will now include CACO ingestibles (onions, oil, sugar, vinegar, etc)
  • Bruma stews using the vanilla stew texture will use a variety of CACO texture sets
  • Animals raw meat and ingredient drops changed to match CACO deathitem lists
  • Bruma wells can be used to fill CACO water jugs

  • The CACO learning script has been added to Bruma's Recipe Notes. The recipe notes use CACO's naming conventions and are corrected for any changed ingredient effects.
  • Alchemy tools (bandages, mortar & pestles, retorts, etc) have been added to Bruma apothecaries
  • Poultice recipes added for Bruma breads
  • Distilled alcohol retort recipes added for Bruma alcoholic drinks

Flora / Trees
  • The CACO harvest script has been added to all Bruma Trees and Flora (thank you to ArtaiosGreybark)
  • CACO's variable ingredient harvests have been applied to the majority of Bruma's Flora and Tree records
  • Bruma Ingredients are patched with the CACO/HF flPlanterPlantedFlora Planter list
  • Patched all Bruma plants so they yield CACO ingredients where appropriate
  • Added Foxglove Nectar harvest to Bruma's foxglove plants

Distribution in Skyrim
  • The Winking Skeever (Solitude) will sell a modest variety of Bruma drinks and cooked meals for their Imperial clientele
  • All Skyrim Inns have a small chance of listing Bruma cheese, cooked veges and juices on the menu
  • Arcadia (Arcadia's Cauldron Whiterun) uses her Imperial connections to obtain a small collection of Bruma ingredients
  • Khajiit caravan's sell Bruma fruit, sweets and rare ingredients

Rare Curios
  • An optional patch for CACO - Bruma and Rare Curios is available for all 3 mods to work together. Even with CACO and Bruma duplicating some of the ingredients Rare Curios still adds 32 new ingredients plus their high quality meshes and textures are used throughout.
  • The main file is still required. Make sure to use this patch instead of the CACO - Rare Curios Patch from Krypt's Patch Hub - don't use both.
  • Full patch notes are in the download

Patches are .esp/ESL flagged file

Load Order
Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul.esp
CACO_Beyond Skyrim Bruma_Patch.esp
CACO_Bruma_Rare Curios_Patch.esp (optional)


Kryptopyr for Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul
The Beyond Skyrim - Cyrodiil Development Team for Beyond Skyrim - Bruma SE