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Not enough time to play? Explore wilds, dungeons and forts uninterrupted - let Smart Harvest take care of the loot. Rich auto-looter for Compulsive Collectors and Adventure Seekers alike. View your Saga via MCM. No item lists to edit. Minimal scripting, very fast.
Uses CommonLibSSE-NG to support Steam and GOG SE and AE binaries. Still no VR, s

Permissions and credits
  • Mandarin
v5.0.1 : released November 20 2022
Updated to CommonLibSSE-NG v3.6.0, should work on SE, AE for GOG & Steam

If you live to hunt butterflies, pick flowers and inspect endless chests and bodies for that one item of interest and a few septims: knock yourself out, each to their own...
If you would rather spend your valuable game time running through the world killing stuff and enjoying the views, you are in the right place!
And, you'll still get to enjoy the surprise of opening that boss chest or locked chest to look through the contents for that hard-own quest reward or special locked-up loot. You just won't run right by them because it's dark in that cave, and have to backtrack for 10 minutes after visiting the Wiki.

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Mod Features
Almost all items added by mods just work. MCM shots show feature set, including Adventures and Collections.
  • new game not required on upgrade, unless you update Load Order in a way that requires a new game per se, as a result of breaking changes
  • fully configurable via MCM
  • no manually-managed lists of items: load order is read to build loot category lists.
  • reduce inventory bloat with per-item weight and count limits: leave excess behind, convert to septims, or move to container
  • use Collections to WhiteList or BlackList items missed by normal rules, e.g. LoTD Museum Displays, all of Bad Gremlins, every Circlet
  • No need to use clutter Value/Weight of 1 or other 'best guess' rules so you don't miss cool loot.
  • embark on an Adventure of your choosing, though the destination is uncertain (randomized in-game)
  • use your Adventurer's Instinct Power to journey to the destination and keep track of where you are
  • categories of loot handled according to your preferences
  • Value/Weight ratio configurable by category, plus global default so there's no need to micro-manage category ratios
  • Valuables: set a threshold for item value which makes it glow gold and ignore Value/Weight rules
  • ingredients and enchantments can be ignored once effects are known
  • quality of life improvements: carry weight waiver at home or in combat; don't loot while invisible/ethereal
  • law abiding citizen or scofflaw? Theft and auto-loot restriction while in settlements are configurable. Bounty should rarely be incurred -  SKSE logic for NPC detection of player checks if it's safe to steal each item.
  • Black List and White List hotkeys for items in inventory, in case categories are insufficient or incorrect
  • Black List and White List hotkeys also work in worldspace to override location-based looting rules, or act on item in crosshair (MCM has details)
  • scan ranges (in feet) and intervals (in seconds) separately managed for indoors and outside: reduce looting of adjacent rooms you have not seen yet
  • feed your immersion OCD by limiting looting beyond doors or vertically (out-of-reach ledge, upper floor, cellar)
  • colour-coded glow for special loot targets (boss chest, quest items, enchanted items, locked container, my own property, collectibles, valuables)
  • optional brief glow for auto-loot containers and bodies
  • Ore Veins auto-mined: leave your pickaxe at home!
  • Critters caught: no more drowning while you swim after that fishy, nor blundering into Bandit swarms during a butterfly chase
  • works whether mounted or on foot
  • Player House materials auto-mined in limited quantities
  • selected support for auto-detected mods that do not work out of the box
  • transparent, community-driven, professional-grade development
  • in-game helpers using long press on Pause hotkey for loot range calibration (> 3 sec) and glow colour reminder (> 10 sec)
  • Fortune Hunter's Instinct Power disables auto-looting in favour of glow of all in-range lootables (c.f. Witcher Senses).

Supported Mods
In general, items added by mods should be auto-looted without problems. Exceptions can occur when item retrieval is custom-scripted, or vanilla game data patterns are not followed.
Mods that provide automated looting are unlikely to play well with SHSE without custom work. Work rounds may exist case by case.

Known Issues

Help! It's not working...
  • Check out the Troubleshooting article. I'm here to help.
  • If you get a popup about VCRUNTIME140_1.DLL, check the baseline installation section in the Troubleshooting article.
  • I am on Discord at SteveTownsend#6463 and on Reddit r/skyrimmods as u/NYCTechy - ask questions or report issues there
  • Direct bug reports can be filed at Github

Why doesn't it do X? Can you add Y?

  • All feedback welcome via this mod page, Nexus PM or Discord PM!
  • I track possible or confirmed bugs and feature requests besides the source code at Github
  • I'll create new ones based on user input - please help drive the evolution of the mod.
  • Some cool additions came in during the last week before release, based on play-testing by other people.
  • I am committed to addressing bug reports in a timely way, and to improving the mod.

How Does It Work?
  • Check out source code on Github
  • Player Character location and other relevant world state is tracked entirely in the C++ plugin.
  • SKSE cosave stores timeline of important SHSE-related events in your playthough - Adventures, Collection of new items, enemies killed, followers, locations
  • Here is the basic flow. The player's "surroundings" (current cell, plus adjacent cells if outdoors) are scanned periodically for potential loot targets. Then, filtering logic is applied using the configured looting rules and the taxonomized universe of possible targets from your Load Order, to determine what should be auto-looted. Lists of excluded items are maintained until the looting rules change or the game is reloaded, to optimize the filtering process.
  • Papyrus script events are invoked only where there is no C++ method to perform the required action, or if doing so in C++ introduced instability during play-testing.

This mod is based on Auto Harvest SE by towawot. His gracious permission for me to build on that baseline allowed me to publish. If you like my mod, please head on over and endorse its godfather at the link above. This mod retains the AHSE MCM texture to respect its lineage.
This mod is built on the awesome CommonLibSSE - as of v1.0.2.0, there is no compile-time dependency on SKSE.
Thanks to Lexy's LoTD for bringing me back to the game, and beta testing by members of Lexy's Discord community.
François Jarrier-Gellez for SimpleIni.
Jochen Kalmbach for StackWalker.
Gabi Melman for spdlog
Google for Brotli compression
Sergey Bochkanov for AlgLib Free Edition
Bethesda of course, for keeping the flame alive.

Recommended Mods
OMEGA Updated and Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE for getting me back into the game, and inspiring this update of Auto Harvest SE
Alternate Start - Live Another Life - SSE for saving us from the interminable scripted intro
Dear Diary - Paper SkyUI Menus Replacer SE as seen in the MCM screen shots
All Geared Up Derivative SE - AllGUD for display of equipped gear
.Net Script Framework can produce a crash dump text file in some failure cases
Please see Silent Harvesting if you want to remove sound spam in heavy loot passes