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Ever thought your spells should act like a light source? Frustrated you can't carry a Torch with spells in your hands? Feel like you should be able to see what's right in front of you when a spell is in your hand? I've got the mod for you!!

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Ever thought your spells should act like a light source?  Frustrated you can't carry a Torch with spells in your hands?  Feel like you should be able to see what's right in front of you when a spell is in your hand?  I've got the mod for you!!

What does LIGHTS ON do?
It does what it says.  It's Boss like that!

Any spell you hold in your hand will emit light.  Pretty simple eh?  Nice!

  • Only modifies the "Light" category in mods.  Not "Spells", "Magic Effects", or anything else.
  • Spells will now emit light similar to a torch.
  • There are three versions: DimNormal and Bright.
  • Light emitted will be of the same color as the school of magic used.  
  • Includes alternative options to support Ordinator, Apocalypse, Sacrosanct, and Shadow Spell Package.
  • Compatible with Spell Mods that use vanilla Hand Light values.
  • Emitted light creates shadows.  I know of no way to remove/alter that effect.

But...what about Spells Emit Light?
Not the same mod.  Not at all.

The author of Spells Emit Light made several value choices that seem arbitrary to an outside viewer.  They don't seem to have any correlation to the values of a Torch, whereas mine are directly based off a Torch.  Also that mod missed a few spell Light entries, includes the Dynamic flag which causes conflicts hitting the Dynamic Light cap, and doesn't offer support for other mods including spells.

See the pictures above to see an example of the range from Dim to Bright.

  • Dim: 512 (torch)
  • Normal: 768 (50% more than torch)
  • Bright: 1024 (double torch)

Near Clip
  • Dim: 9 (half torch)
  • Normal: 18 (same as torch)
  • Bright: 36 (double torch)

  • Dim: 0.68 (1/2 torch)
  • Normal: 1.35 (same as torch)
  • Bright: 1.35 (same as torch)

Known Issues
People got issues.  Mods do too...

This can have conflicts with any mod that edits "Light" values such as Realistic Lighting Overhaul or ELFX.  Load Lights On after mods like these.  Lights On will not work Lights Off, those 2 mods do entirely opposite things.

Not all spells will emit light properly in 1st person perspective while they do work in 3rd person.  This is unfortunately a flaw with either the Casting Art NIF files (in the Skyrim BSA's) and/or the 1st/3rd person camera perspectives.  The likely answer would be to redo the NIF's (beyond my skill level) or to swap the casting art to existing casting art that works.  I've tested that and that works.  Two working examples (Resurgence and Azure Reconstruction for Apocalypse) were left in the mod to prove the point.

However as Shock spells will not emit light properly in 1st person I've not gone down this road yet bc it would simply look stupid to have a conjuration or frost casting art in your hands when holding a shock spell.  Though this would solve issues with a few spells from Illusion and Alteration.

Currently any Shock spell, a few Alteration spells, and a few Illusion spells will not emit light in 1st person properly.  However if you're not playing a Shock mage then this won't impact you much.  (Note!  3rd Person works perfectly fine!)  Eventually if I can't solve this problem the answer would be to go back and just make Magic Effect entries that point to different Casting Art entries for the same school that currently do work (like I did for Resurgence and Azure Reconstruction).  But I'd like to see if there's another solution to moving towards that ham-fisted approach.

If you're wondering why some spells have mismatching colors (such as a Conjuration spell being purple in your hand, yet emitting say red light) that is all on the Spell or Mod designer in question.  They didn't match the Casting Art color to the Emitted Light color.  I just made the light more visible.  I had nothing to do with choosing the color pallets.


Serious thank you's to EnaiSiaionG_kajonnyWang33sabrio204Nassensmatortheeternal and anyone else I missed who helped me on the path that lead to this mod.  The creation of my mod LIGHTS OFF lead to it's nemesis, LIGHTS ON.

Any other cool stuff?!
I've got other mods!!

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Skeleton Jack
-Suffer Well Brothers and Sisters...