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A power that shows you the level, attributes, resistances, skills, etc of an NPC.

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"Perception" is a lesser power that shows information about NPCs. Just place your cursor over an NPC at any distance and active it. No projectile, no sound or art, the message box just pops up with the info. An additional power "Perception - Skills" shows the NPC's skill levels. If you want a quick way to see the players stats and skills all at once use "Perception - Self" (added in Version 1.1).

This mod doesn't change anything about the NPCs, it just shows information which is normally hidden.

== Perception ==

The regular "Perception" ability provides the following information about the target:

(Aggression | Confidence)

Aggression is one of the following:
  • Unaggressive - do not initiate combat
  • Aggressive - attack Enemies
  • Very Aggressive - attack Enemies and Neutral characters
  • Frenzied - attack anyone

Confidence is their chance to fight or flee. Evaluated based on their strength vs the enemies strength.
  • Cowardly - always flee
  • Cautious
  • Average
  • Brave
  • Foolhardy - never flee

This affects the NPC's behavior in combat, conversion, and in taking owned items.
  • Lover
  • Ally
  • Confidant
  • Friend
  • Neutral (or Acquaintance)
  • Rival
  • Foe
  • Enemy
  • Archnemesis

Custom field by me. The current physical or mental state of the NPC. Displayed in this order:
  • Dead
  • Unconscious
  • Bleeding Out
  • Paralyzed
  • Invisible
  • Attacking
  • Searching
  • Sleeping
  • Normal

The NPC's level

Current and base (before modifiers) values of Health, Magicka, and Stamina. Also the percentage of how full they are compared to their base value.

  • Armor Rating (point value of their armor)
The percentage chance to resist:
  • Fire
  • Frost
  • Shock
  • Magic
  • Poison
  • Disease

== Perception - Skills ==

The "Perception - Skills" ability shows the NPC's skill levels:

Combat Skills:
  • One-handed
  • Two-handed
  • Archery
  • Block
  • Heavy Armor
  • Smithing

Stealth Skills:
  • Sneak
  • Speech
  • Lockpicking
  • Pickpocket
  • Light Armor
  • Alchemy

Magic Skills:
  • Destruction
  • Conjuration
  • Illusion
  • Restoration
  • Alteration
  • Enchanting

Any skills at or below level 15 (the default skill level) will not be shown directly, but the total number of default skills is listed for each of the three skill groups.

== Perception - Self ==

The "Perception - Self" ability shows the information and skills of the player. Attitude, Relationship, and Condition are not displayed, but everything else is shown. The skill names are abbreviated to their first five letters for readability.


There are two versions of the mod. The main file is recommended for game-play and strategic purposes. The optional file (More Than You Need to Know) overwrites the main files script and is recommended for mod testing and debugging purposes (see comparison screenshot). The extra fields are left out of the main version because they detract from the immersion in how they are formatted (like race) or how the game handles them. Some of these may be added to the main version when SKSE64 is released. Also, the Skills power is the same in both versions.

The optional file adds or changes the following:

- Race (the formatting is ugly but the best I can do until SKSE64 is out)

- Gender (not shown in the main version because generic NPCs are all considered male)

- If dead, who killed them (only shows their race, when SKSE64 is out I'll change this to their name)

- When attacking, who they are attacking (again, only shows their race)

- Changes the "Acquaintance" relationship value to "Neutral". This is what the papyrus documentation calls it, but I changed it to neutral for the main version because it made more sense in the context of creatures. Almost all wild creatures are at the "Acquaintance" relationship level with the player.

- Extra "Conditions" like Flying, Sprinting, Running, Sneaking, and Sitting. I left them out of the main version because they are not very useful in regular game-play since you can easily see if they are doing those actions.

- True attribute values that go below zero (no idea why the game allows negative health values)


The books to learn the powers are found at Dragonsreach in Whiterun. Search Court Wizard Farengar Secret-Fire's bedroom. You will find the books under his bed.

Or add the powers using the console:
"help perception"
"player.addspell <ID of perception spell>"


- Mod inspiration from Skyrim mod LFSpell Divine - Know Thy Enemy by Leon Fenten
- for information about actor values (see Actor Value Indices page)