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Adds over 2500 different bandits into the level lists. They are organized into gangs with 7 tiers from wannabes to the deadly Bandit Lords. Each gang has its own strengths, weaknesses and lore. OBIS Bandits reluctantly work together to ensure Skyrim never feels safe again.

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For the Original Skyrim version of OBIS click here.
On is a version for XBox1 click here.

OBIS Special Edition is a mod for Skyrim SE that adds in new varieties of bandits throughout the game world. Each of these bandits are separated into many different types that makes every encounter with bandits both challenging and fun. All bandits are balanced to have both strengths that players must overcome and weaknesses that players can exploit. A new 3 volume book, The Book of Bandits, is distributed throughout the world, the book will give you a basic lore friendly-ish look into the bandits and the reason why they are working together.

- Features -
- Newest Bandit Gangs (v2.5.0)...
- - Feral - Werewolves/bears
- - Vacated - Healers
- - Weary - Old warriors

- (version 2.2+) MCMenu will show if you have SKSE64 and SkyUI installed. If not a Settings book will be in your inventory. Use the menu to configure the Extra Spawning System.

- Bandit Minotaur Gang adds in Mihail's Minotaurs. They are big brutes! ( Includes Giant Hammer by Tamu75 )
- - Note that the version in OBIS is based off an early version from Mihail, they will look different and will not overwrite each other.

- Over 2500 new bandits, all with different faces so that you might never see the same person twice!

- None of these bandits are anywhere but in the level lists. So if there was supposed to be a bandit there, it will only be there.

- Over 50 bandit types that will make every encounter diverse and tactical.

- Completely redesigned bandit distribution system, that will randomize the types of bandits that will spawn in the camps, only effects random bandits not the ones that talk to each other!

- Over 200 uniquely named bandits that drop expensive rings for you to sell. 

- Normal bandits are now classified and named by class type (warrior, mage, and archer), gives you a bit of a heads up now

- Certain gangs have shields specifically designed for them! These shields can be found on bandits that are wanting to join up with these particular groups. There are heavy and light versions of the shields

- Bandits may also have face masks from FACE MASKS OF SKYRIM mod by Volvaga0 - These are integrated into OBIS

- Each bandit, variation and gender related etc, has their own title for over 300 different titles

- Armor is now randomized, regular bandits wear mixes of light and heavy armor

- Bandits will also have a chance to drop The Book of Bandits. A 3 volume book added to the world. Vol. 1 explains in a lore friendly way why the bandits have organized. Vol. 2 is filled with descriptions of bandit gangs currently in Skyrim. Vol. 3 lists bandit gangs that have not yet made it to Skyrim. (note that some time has passed since publication - gangs in Vol.3 have made it to Skyrim since)

- Bandits will make use of weapons and armors that other mods add into the Bandits Leveled Item lists. (ie. Immersive Armors, Immersive Weapons)

- Extra Bandits Menu -

- Using the Options Book or MCMenu if you have SKSE64 & SkyUI installed will allow you to change settings for the Extra Spawning System. OBIS provides its new bandits to vanilla spawn points already. If you want to add to those bandits use the menus to enable extra bandits.

- Settings will be set to default after enabling. Default is fairly mild only 2 or 3 extra bandits in a location. Settings for added potions also available.

- Other options include - Monster Enabler, where you can enable Bandit Minotaurs and Bandit Trained Spiders

- Optional and Patch Files -

Patrols Addon - Adds patrolling bandits! Small groups consisting of 1 leader and up to 3 followers will travel from camp to camp.

- First release of this plugin included the Thunvu Strah - Dragon language for - The Bandit Road - Which extends from Mistwatch in the Southeast all the way to Robber's Gorge in the Northwest. More routes have been added and now City Horse Stables Raids!

- Book and MCMenu are available to enable and adjust the time between respawning as well as Toughness, added potions and number of followers.

- Patrols routes can be seen in the map below. Orange is established routes, Green is newly added in latest version and Red is the Raids.

Now on Solstheim as well...

Notice Board Addon - With The Notice Board mod by MannyGT - this addon will place Bounty hunting notes in the notice boards found around Skyrim. OBIS Bounty Bandits are uniquely named and carry a fair amount of loot.

SoT Bandit Patch - Patches OBIS and TonyCubed2's mod Ultimate Deadly Encounters aka Sands of Time to have best of both mods.
- WARNING - Using spawning systems from both mods will result in many more bandits.
SoT's system should take precedence.
Turn down or off the settings for OBIS spawns.
Unless you like that sort of thing!

Valdacil's Item Sorting Patch - Adds naming tags to work with Valdacil's Item Sorting mod- Recommend to merge this file with other VIS Patch files. That mod is not required.

- Got Ideas? -

If you guys have any bandit ideas that you have yet to encounter or think would be a nice addition to the mod, please do not hesitate to tell me in the discussions tab (not the comments) I will tell you immediately if it is a good idea or if it is already implemented. There is no such thing as a bad idea (unless you already know it's a bad idea)

For more information I suggest watching those videos in the video section they do a fantastic job of explaining the mod in the most broadest of terms.

If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to ask me either through a PM or a comment

Thank you for considering my mod, making something like this so far is a dream come true

- Frequently Asked Questions -

Q: I loaded this in the middle of the playthrough and I dont see any of your bandits in game/ I updated the mod but don't see any of the new bandit types
A: To see any new bandit types you either have to wait until the game cell resets (Vanilla Skyrim that is 10 days or whatever you modded it to be) or start a new game.

Q: This mod is huge, I am afraid that it will effect performance, will it?
A: No. OBIS at it's core does not add in any extra spawn points that will effect your game. But with the settings in the MCMenu you can increase the number of extra bandits that will dynamically spawn near bandits that are already there. This feature is off by default. Setting wildly high numbers will have potential to overwhelm. Special Edition seems to handle this far better than original Skyrim.

Q: I have a suggestion for a bandit gang. Can you make....?
A: We all do :D I want to hear about it. Go to the forum tab on this mod page and tell me about it. I need a name and an mechanic that the bandit can do to change the course of the battle, ie. breathe fire, freeze their foes, terrify weaker foes, etc.

Q: I'm an artist and I would like to make a symbol for one of the gangs for a shield. What do I need to do?
A1: You are very welcome to do so. I suggest that if you want to make a gang shield you make it on one of the hold guard shield as it's a perfect flat surface for it. The book of bandits will give you a general description of the bandit gangs and you can start from there :D
A2: Jebbalon figured out how to add new gang shields! All that he needs is an image matching the style and format of the other shields.

Q: Does this mod require any other mod?
 Of course not, this mod is built to work with Skyrim Special Edition as well as most mods. Mods that change vanilla bandits or the bandit leveled npc lists may require a patch.

Q: I think there is a bug, are bandits of multiple groups supposed to be in the same area?
A: Yes, the gang names are supposed to identify what bandits are what, so you have a better time figuring out which is which. I will not be separating the groups out, all bandits will be fighting together.

Q: I don't understand the settings, what are good settings to use?
A: Default settings are good to start with. If you are feeling adventurous / insane then use the menus to set extra bandits number to max 30. Save your game. You may want to toggle god mode on! - Head out to a known bandit camp and see the mod in action. If you like what you experience then you are a bandit hunting fool indeed! If not - just go back to previous save and maybe try a milder number of extra bandits.


- The OBIS Team -

Indigoblade - The handsome devil who has the time to actually make each bandit
JobVanDam - The no-holds-barred smart talker who expanded OBIS
Tonycubed2 - The company vet who probably forgotten more about code than I actually know
Forzane - This guy I found willing to do things that I would like to do but I don't because of reasons that are reasonable
Jebbalon - The new guy, who can answer all of your questions. (Who also has been making vids of the mod for a long time)
And one final member who's too shy to say that she is a member, but everyone already knows she's a member



YoungEmmaWatson has permission to reupload Obis to