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This patch provides synergy between both mods by adding new displays, airship destinations and using one consistent version of Fort Pale Pass for content in both mods.

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This patch provides synergy between both mods by adding new displays, airship destinations and using one consistent version of Fort Pale Pass for content in both mods.

A new game is recommended to unsure objects are properly updated.

This patch does 3 major things: adding museum displays for Beyond Skyrim: Bruma items, adding new airship destination in the Beyond Skyrim: Bruma worldspace.

v1.10: This mod now also requires the HUB for unofficial content, namely Hall of Forgotten.

v1.12: I also included a standalone version that do NOT require Hall of Forgotten, but it may conflict with other official patches that take up the same space in the museum

Museum Displays for Bruma Items

The following displays have been added to the Hall of Oddities or Hall of Forgotten: (depending on which version you're using)


New Dev Aveza Airship destinations

The following new locations have been added, for the Dev Aveza airship to fly to:


From version 1.8 onwards you can select these destinations at the steering wheel, under "Cyrodiil", if you have the requirements done.

One consistent Fort Pale Pass

This takes all relevant references from LotDs version of Fort Pale Pass and moves them to Beyond Skyrim: Bruma's (BSB) version.

It involves edits to the Shattered Legacy quest, among other things.

From v1.5 onwards, these changes are made to the Pale Pass:


Recommend mods

CoMAP - Common Marker Addon Project -> includes some cool-looking unique mapmarkers for the new airship destinations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will you make an LE version?
A: Most likely not, as loading both mods in the CK is only possible through SSE CreationKit Fixes by Nukem, which is not available on LE.

Q: Ezra is not following through the gates of Beyond Skyrim: Bruma properly when I need to escort her back. What can I do?
A: Open the wait menu and wait an hour. The navmesh is sometimes finicky, but eventually she will catch up. No longer relevant for v1.5 onwards.

Q: Why do you recommend a new game for this?
A: While I have added several failsafes to update objects to move from LotDs version of Fort Pale Pass, to Beyond Skyrim: Bruma's version, sometimes, installing this patch on an existing save, they fail to update properly and will still be at LotDs version of Fort Pale Pass, unfortunately. I tried several things to prevent this. But I'm unsure what else I can do in case it fails. If anyone has any advice, please let me know. My apologies for any inconveniences in that case. This should not affect the museum displays, or the airship destinations (except for the airship to the Fort Pale Pass.), only the part about "One consistent Fort Pale Pass". From v1.5 onwards, you will need a new game, unfortunately.

Q: Is this an official LotD patch?
A: No, it is an unofficial patch, since the LotD team won't be making any other patches for Beyond Skyrim themselves. However, icecreamassassin, the author of LotD, agreed to allow this patch to be made and supported unofficially. For this reason, this won't be part of the LotD Patch Central or get support from their team.

Q: Is this patch compatible with the LotD Interesting NPCs patch by Gutmaw?
A: Since version 1.5 of this patch, it should be compatible with the Interesting NPCs patch.

Q: Does this patch edit any scripts from LotD?
A: From version 1.5, this is no longer the case. From version 1.8, this mod contains a few new scripts, for the steering wheel at the airship. It does not edit any existing scripts from LotD though.

Q: Does this patch work with The Curator's Companion by Ic0nIc0de?
A: From version 3.0.3 of TCC, this patch works with it. Edit: Version 5.0.0 of TCC discontinued support of several unofficial addons, however the author included a framework to make custom patches for unofficial mods, which I used to make a patch for this mod. It can be found "optional downloads".
Edit v1.12. Patches are included.

Q: Is it safe to install/update/uninstall mid-game?
A: I would not recommend it. I will be unable to provide any support if you do so.

Q: LotD/Bruma just updated. Does this patch still work with it?

A: I get this question a lot and I'm quite annoyed by them. First off, I'm not a psychic, I don't know instantly whenever an update happens, whether this patch will still work. DO NOT ask me this question, everytime either Bruma or LotD updates. These questions will be considered spam and be deleted.
To know this, I'll need to download the update (which sometimes takes a while, with my internet and monthly download caps), and make a delta
patch to see which changes were made and compare them with the ones in the patch. This takes time (sometimes several days). In fact, it can be
compared to SSE having an update and an SKSE DLL needs updating. I will eventually either update this patch to take into account the new
changes, OR inform you that the patch doesn't need an update.

Q: Why does this mod require Hall of Forgotten now?
A: As this is an unofficial patch and at some point will conflict with an official patch that uses tha same room as this one, for its displays, I decided to move over to the Hall of Forgotten, which is basically a Hall for unofficial content and more suited for these kinds of patches. It will ensure this patch stays relevant.
Update v1.12: It depends on the version you're using. Initially I thought it was a good idea to have this as a requirement, but due to feedback, I decided to also keep a standalone version for people that prefer that one. Do keep in mind that the standalone version will be incompatible with any official patches that take up that spot. (AFAIK More Interesting Loot)