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Leveled list and Encounter Zone Overhaul focused on decentralizing the player from the world.

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This mod is a complete loot and Encounter Zone overhaul. This will make the game's economy and enemy levels more difficult and static. The idea is that if you go into a dungeon, nothing in it is dependent on you. The levels of the enemy will not scale with you. The potential loot is independent of your level but completely dependent on the enemy levels. So if you are in a dungeon with tough creatures, the loot you could gain at the end will be worth it.

Loot in this mod has been completely overhauled. It is no longer dependent on the player level or random. It depends fully on the level of the encounter zone or the set level of the dungeon you are going into. Almost all typical loot has been given a level. Potions, ore, ingots, gold, weapons, armor, robes, jewelry. As the level of the dungeon increases, so does the quality of the loot. My level settings for weapons is below so you can get an idea of what I mean.

Iron: 1
Steel: 9
Dwarven: 17
Elven: 25
Orcish: 33
Glass: 41
Ebony: 49
Dragonbone: 57
Daedric: 65

So if you go into a dungeon that is level 25-32, you will have the potential for Iron>Elven quality weapons but definitely nothing above Elven. All items are given levels close to these thresholds. 

The specifics of what types of items you could get are dependent on the enemy within said dungeons. Falmer caves will yield poisons, ingredients, ores, possibly a weapon. Warlock dens yield soul gems, robes, enchanted jewelry. Bandit hideouts usually hold gold, unenchanted jewelry and items from waylaid travelers. Bandit bosses will also wield decent weaponry and armor. I've tried to let the loot in dungeons make sense for what things the creatures would have according to lore and common sense.

This mod also tries to fix a very serious problem with vanilla Skyrim. The mass influx of resources.

Every chest, creature, and container seems to have gold or gems in vanilla.  To combat this, I've removed a lot of the gold change you receive from opening every container. Animals will no longer drop gold or gems, most enemies won't have gold on their person when you search their corpse. Chests have a 25% chance for gold but will contain other clutter items that many other mods use as materials.

Lockpicks in loot have been drastically reduced. Now you may need to buy some lockpicks or craft them if you have a mod that allows that. Lockpicks become much more of a resource and not an expendable stockpile. This also gives more value to the lockpicking perk tree.

Soul gems have been reduced overall but are you can still find a decent amount in dwarven and warlock dungeons. Where they make sense. 

Health, Magicka and Stamina potions are also less common. They are still around but much less likely. You may need to go to an apothecary or alchemist now to get your healing potions.

Encounter Zones

In the first version of this mod, encounter zones were dependent on the dungeons location and enemy type in the dungeon. I've gone away from that idea and it now is more dependent on the dungeon as Bethesda presented it. By this I mean the length of the dungeon, the particular quests it has. The dungeons that are really intricate and interesting are typically a higher level but not always. For instance, Bleak Falls Barrow is level 12. Saarthal is 16. Because they are the beginning dungeons in the MQ and college, they are put at low levels but Forelhost is a level 71 Dungeon. This is because it is a long dungeon, has unique enemies, and Bethesda put it at a 24 minimum level which is their highest level for a dungeon. It would scale beyond that but they wanted a higher level character to experience it.

Enemy type does still have some weight in the decision for dungeon level but it is much less significant than version 1.0. This kind of shows the level variance for dungeons between enemy types:

Dwarven Ruins - 35-57 
Falmer Hives - 25-42
Forsworn 12 - 29
Giant camp - 20-40
Hagraven Nest - 22-38
Spriggan Groves - 15 - 30
Vampire Lairs - 18 - 65
Warlock Lairs - 20 - 53
Werewolf Lairs - 30 - 40
Rieklings - 6 - 25
Bandit camps - 6 - 32
Animal Dens - 2-21
Dragon Lair - 25 - 65
Dragon Priest Lairs - 45 - 71
Draugr Crypt - 12-48

As you can see, bandits or forsworn won't go very high.  But draugr, warlocks, dwarven, vampires will all put up a good fight to high level characters. But obviously, some of these enemy types will still have some low level dungeons. It really depends on the dungeon they're in. Vampires in a small cave won't be as high a level as vampires in a large nordic ruin. The idea is to make the dungeons be as fun as possible. A small bandit camp shouldn't be too difficult. But a long, intricate draugr crypt will be difficult, fun, and rewarding. 

I've also set all encounter zones to allow enemies to travel through load doors with you. Disabled Combat Boundaries as the CK puts it.

Recommended Mods
Economy Overhaul and Speechcraft Improvements - Goes a long way to fixing the economy in Skyrim. Speechcraft becomes almost mandatory if you want to make a lot of gold by selling loot. Seriously recommended to use this alongside my mod.

Alchemy Potions and Food Adjustments - Fixes economy issues with alchemy and is a good mod overall. Skepmanmods does great work. All his mods are well thought out and can add to any game.

Enchanting Adjustments and Price Charge Bug-Fix - Fixes economy issues with enchanting.

Missing Encounter Zones Fixed - I'd grab the all exteriors zoned version. Without that, the enemies outside dungeons will be dependent on player level and not match with the interior enemy levels. There are a few mention of AI bugs with enemies on the outside but as sabrio24 mentioned if you Disable combat boundaries the issue goes away. I tested this myself and it does indeed work. And all Combat boundaries are disabled with this mod so you shouldn't have issues.

Skyrim Revamped - Complete Enemy Overhaul -  This is my enemy overhaul made to be compatible with Encounter zone mods. A lot of enemy overhauls scale enemies to the player independent of encounter zone. Mine uses the same leveling system as vanilla, allowing these two mods to work well together.


Bethesda Softworks

Sabrio204 for giving me the idea and information for how Special Loot works in the CK. Was not aware of this function until I asked him about it.

Trainwiz- I built off of his levelled lists for this mod so big thanks to all the work he did.

ElminsterAU- TESVEdit is incredible