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Complete and unique All-in-One visual overhaul for Skyrim SE that comes with a dedicated weather Plugin and an ENB preset designed to be used together.

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outdated videos from version 0.3

The esp plugin is the central core of the modification; In addition to remaking all weathers
it also uses very special game settings to control the ENB preset,
for each weathers at any time of day,
and is not meant to be used on its own without the ENB preset.

- Brand new natural and atmospheric weathers and fantasy Aurora variations.
- Climate overhauled for more diversity. DLC supported.
- Scriptless and performance friendly, can be safely installed and uninstalled at anytime.
- New unique sky-boxes and animated clouds to get the most of the ENB cloud shadows.
- New custom made rain and thunder sounds for both exteriors and interiors.
- Fire effects redone and built-in particles patch tweaked for the ENB preset
- Unique use of Volumetric Lighting for accurate aerial perspective or sharp godrays depending of weather and time of day.
And more...

The ENB preset is the rendering engine; It reads particular data sent from the plugin
to change colors, contrasts, HDR and special effects according to each weather and time of day,
and cannot be used with another weather mod.

- Customized shaders for proper color balance, contrast and HDR according to each weathers and time of day.
- Multi weather crafted and special effects for each weather type. (Requires ENB Helper SE)
- Sun position based time of day.
- Enhanced lighting,  global illumination, screen-space reflection and lighting bounce.
- Built-in Night-Eye and Hit effects.
- Compatible with any interior lighting mods.
- User friendly modular system with several optional looks:


The combination of the ESP plugin and the ENB preset offers an aesthetic representation of natural lighting and atmospheric effects
and ensures the cleanest and prettiest graphics possible under any situations, like no other Enb alone can do.

First and foremost;
- Uninstall any weather mod (Minty lightning and Wonder of Weathers are OK).
- Uninstall any cloud mods, fire mods, particle patch for ENB.
- Uninstall any Night Eye mods or any mod of that kind.
- For an unknown reason Majestic Mountain darkens the blend of distant fog with distant landscape, use it at your own discretion.
- Uninstall any ENB or ReShades presets.

Make sure to disable from the game's launcher options:
 "Screen Space Ambient Occlusion"
"Lens Flare"

and make sure to have the"Godrays quality" set to High.


I: Download & Install the NAT-ENB plugin,
make sure the "NAT-ENB.ini" file is properly located next to the .esp and the .bsa files in the Data folder of the game.

Download & Install ENB Helper SE ( requires SKSE64 ).
III: Download latest ENB binaries from and extract ONLY: d3d11.dll and d3dcompiler_46e.dll to the game roots folder, next to the game's .exe.
IV: Download and extract the content from NAT-ENB preset folder to the root folder of the game, next to the game's exe and ENB dlls.

That's it, now launch the game ONLY from the SKSE64 launcher, else ENB weathers won't be working.

Again, this release is for now a work in progress and so, is not as "perfect" as I would like it to be.
If you experience something weird, just open the statistics tab from the ENB menu and report me the gametime and the current weather ID.
I'll try to find time for updating the mod.

Enjoy !