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This mod adds a MiniMap. The terrain, doors, quests, and actors are displayed on the minimap. No ESP file.

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- Description
This mod adds a MiniMap. The terrain, doors, quests, and actors are displayed on the minimap. No ESP file.

- Requirement
Address Library for SKSE Plugins

You can open "MiniMap.ini" to change the settings.

FrameShape Frame shape can be set to rectangle or circle.
FrameColor Frame color.
HideFrame If set to true, the frame will be hidden.
Width Width of minimap.
Height Height of minimap.
Alpha Terrain opacity.
Align Alignment position of minimap.
OffsetX Horizontal offset of the minimap.
OffsetY Vertical offset of the minimap.
MarkerSize Marker size.
MinFrustumWidth Unknown.
ZoomPercent1 First zoom percentage.
ZoomPercent2 Second zoom percentage.
ToggleZoomKeyCode Key code to toggle between ZoomPercent1 and ZoomPercent2. It is set to "B" key by default.
ToggleVisibilityKeyCode Key code to toggle the visibility of the minimap. It is set to "N" key by default.
InitiallyHidden If set to true, the minimap will be hidden when the game starts.
FixWaterFlickering If set to true, the flickering water on the minimap will be fixed.
DisplayMarker You can select the marker to display from the door, quest, and actor(Dead, Follower, Hostile, Default).

- Credits
SKSE team for SKSE.
meh321 for Address Library for SKSE Plugins.

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