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A more grounded and natural cinematic preset. With a lot of focus on preserving a balanced, next-gen(ish) look and consistancy.

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A new year, a new era and a new direction. This ENB has grown into something new and refreshing. Being absolutely gameplay friendly, gameplay orïented and focussed on a consistent look. Preserving natural beauty without being overdone.  Still Everything has been touched, from creepy cold dungeons to warm and cozy taverns. Solstheim's ash storms and apocrypha's secret hallways. The desolate Soulcairn and the halls of Sovngarde.

Highly focussed on balanced detailing and lighting, preserving as much color as possible. NPCs, foliage, plants, monsters and animals all come alive. Everything is looked at to preserve the best balance and consistancy I could achieve.



  • ENB - You only need the d3d11.dll and the d3d_compiler.dll from the wrapper folder and put it into \steamapps\common\skyrim special edition main directory
  • ENB helper - You need SKSE installed and then you can install ENB helper. DO NOT USE ENB HELPER PLUS.
  • Then pick the main version OR the performance version and drop it into the same folder
  • Optionally a file to remove the black bars. Just drag and drop in the same folder, overwrite when prompt. doesn't matter if you picked main or performance version.

~ Root builder installation (ONLY for the mod ROOT builder for MO2)
  • Create a new folder named ROOT
  • Simply put the necessary ENB files in that folder
  • ZIP the Root file and install as a normal mod
  • For MO2 users you can also create an empty mod. As long as the ENB files are in a folder named ROOT
~ Updating the ENB;
  • Remove the current ENB files completely and install the new ENB
  • If there are update files and you already updated to the newest ENB then grab the update files instead and drop it where your ENB files are located. Overwrite when prompt
  • This works for either the MAIN or PERFORMANCE version
~ Parallax support:
Parallax enabled by default. If you want to disable it; disable it manually in enbseries.ini



All optionals can simply be dragged and dropped in the same directory as the ENB files. Simply overwrite when prompt. Most of them work on all versions except the Darker Complex Grass version. It is pretty self explanatory when you see it

  • OPTIONAL - Darker complex grass: This is the same complexgrass setting as the previous version. A main and performance version inside the folder. I have decided to have two different options. The main one is brighter and the optional one darker. Might be helpful for grass lods. However, I can't do much else than to have a brighter or darker option. The rest is all up to grass lods. So please don't bother me about it
  • OPTIONAL - disable blackbars: yes .. this is for lazy people and want to have a direct install without cinematic black bars. This can cause some line ghosting in the upper and lower screen if it is disabled. This has always been a thing in ENB and usually black bars are used to hide those weird ghost lines. However, most of the time people do not find it intrusive. The cinematic black bars are enabled by default, partly because of the technical and partly because of stylistic reasons.
  • OPTIONAL - Muted Version: This is something you can use if you want a less vibrant ENB and lean more towards a grittier, somber, muted feel. This file is there as an optional and I am not updating this any further. The weather edits etc will not be affected. This is mainly a enbeffect.fx.ini change. One file to change the outcome of the intended look. Use at your own discretion. This might be removed in future itterations.
  • OPTIONAL - vignette enabled - disable blackbars: also for the lazy people ... simply enables vignette and keeps the blackbars disabled. Which is a sortof shadowy corner effect and I view this as a sortof "middle ground" adressing the previous issue mention with the weird line glitches at the top and bottom of the screen. This should make it look less noticable.


To switch the LUTS you need to open the ENB with Shift+Enter. In the postpass section, the middle window, you can open it up and then switch LUTs with "select lut". Simply a numeral value you can change to switch luts. 0 to 6 at the moment. 0 being Dawnfire lut


  • Adys for the provided shaders
  • All the lovely people in the skyrim discord servers who appreciate my work
  • Boris Vorintzov for keeping up ENB for such a long time