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SKSE plugin which dynamically adjusts shadow and view distance to boost performance. Supports SE, AE and VR. Supports ENB and ReShade.

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SKSE plugin which dynamically adjusts shadow and view distance to boost performance.

This mod is inspired by the Fallout 4 mod of the same name.

In CPU constrained situations this can improve performance by around 10%, as well as reducing draw calls by 30%. 

For ENB a menu is added to configure the mod in-game as well as toggle it. Toggling it sets shadows to the max distance setting. The default max distance setting is the vanilla default.

This mod is a bit experimental and may be improved in the future. Performance will vary depending on computer, mods installed, and location. This mod mitigates performance issues, it does not fix them.

An additional benefit is that this mod can make shadows higher resolution in cities.


Address Library for SKSE Plugins
SSE Display Tweaks

VR Address Library for SKSEVR 0.42.0 or above.


Compatible with Display Tweaks.
Display Tweaks FPS limit feature might make frametime estimations less accurate. 
Compatible with NVIDIA Reflex Support




Alexander Blade for the original concept.
Dylan Perry for complaining about draw calls.
Dylan James and Zamio for testing.
Intel for their dynamic resolution scaling example.