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This mod replaces the facial expression morphing files for humans and elves used by players and NPCs.
This mod modifies all animations including lips, eyebrows and eye movements and expressions.

Permissions and credits
I use machine translation. Please do not use slang etc for messages addressed to me, please write concise sentences.
Please post a screenshot. It will be a way to know if MOD is working properly and it will be the best sample for others.
The sample image was taken with Oldrim.

Other version links : Ordrim / Female Edition

Install / Uninstall
Please use a mod manager to install, and be careful about the priority of the files,
if the files are overwritten by other mods, it may cause problems such as clipping in eyebrows.

To uninstall this mod, just disable or remove it, no cleaning required.

opparco mfg Command for SSE by opparco
Mfg Fix by Andrelo
Random Emotions SE by Cryomorph and DenisWinter
Conditional Expressions - Subtle Face Animations by JaySerpa
Alternate Conversation Camera by NasiGorengCumi and NasGorTelorCeplok

This mod is not compatible with Female Facial Animation, because it replaces the same files.
The morphing files for facial expressions are greatly affected by the shape of the face, so please use the one you prefer.

This mod is for vanilla head meshes and will not work properly with other meshes with different numbers of vertices or different order. 
It works if other meshes have patches, but users need to install them correctly, so please read the description of each mod carefully.

Expression sliders in Racemenu are not affected by EFA because they do not refer to EFA files.
Therefore, please use console commands to set facial expressions even during character creation.
When using the Facegen import function of Racemenu, be sure to reset the facial expression console command.
opparco mfg Command for SSE or Mfg Fix is required to use the console commands for facial expressions.

The position of the teeth depends on the shape of the mouth. 
If you want to adjust the position of the player's teeth, use the slider to adjust the position of the teeth in ECE or Race menu. 
Also, if you install the "EFM - Racemenu Plugin" located in Expressive Facegen Morphs, you can adjust the size of the teeth, etc.

This mod is just a replacement for facial expression morphing files. 
Facial expression control is performed by events such as conversation. 
The facial expression of the player does not change much in vanilla, 
if you want to improve this, please install Random Emotions SE or Conditional Expressions - Subtle Face Animations.

Some vanilla NPCs have jaws that are too receding, making it easier for teeth to penetrate the face mesh during animation.
It is therefore recommended to install NPC Overhaul.