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This is a mod page houses all my Male HPH NPC Overhauls with roughly 400 male NPCs. Grab all 11 NPC Overhauls in one FOMOD. One is ESL Flagged. The other is BSA packed.

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Pride of Skyrim

I have finally finished all my Male NPC High Poly Head Overhauls.  There are 11 installments, consisting of around 400 male NPCs.  This baby is HUGE... and weighty due to its high poly nature.  So, I am offering two FOMODs.  One contains all my NPCs with their loose files for those who use multiple NPCs.  Please note that it will take up a LOT of space.  I'm not going to rebuild the mod into one .esp.  That's... exhausting and I get a headache even thinking about it.  The second FOMOD has all of my NPC files packed into BSA format.  No loose files and major space-saving.  

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Please read thoroughly before downloading
Seriously... DO IT

1. APPEARANCES:  There are NO skin textures attached to this mod.  That means you will have to suffer atrocious vanilla skin textures if you download.  The good news is, it will accept any skin mod you wish to use.  Please be aware that your NPCs will look a bit different than mine using different skin textures.  I also use Silent Horizons ENB and Cathedral Weathers, so your images may look different from mine.

I created these men using Tempered Skins with SOS Light.  They look best with Tempered Skins.

2.  ANIMATIONS:  I am using High Poly Head Version 4 and it requires Expressive Facegen Morphs and Expressive Facial Animation Male.  High Poly Head is baked into the mod, but not the animations.  With that said, some have used this mod without them with no problems.  If you find beard clipping or weird eyes, install these mods.  If not, you should be fine.

3.  EDITING:  Please do not ask me to change appearances or remove tattoos, or ask me to remove NPCs.  I won't do it and you can't make me.  Please... just stop asking.  Thank you!

4.  LOAD ORDER:  These do NOT work with other NPC mods that change the appearance of any male NPCs (See sticky notes in posts for further details on this). NPCs should go down towards the end of your load order.

5.  REQUIREMENTS:  You will need to have USSEEP downloaded.  Seriously, everyone should have this by now.  It just makes my life a heck of a lot simpler that I don't have to do patches and extra files.

Mods to avoid:

Same NPC overhauls - blackface issues
Mods that change the body size - neck seam issues (floating heads)
Improved Eye Reflections (Oldrim) - cataract looking eyes


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Vanilla NPCs Without Headgear 
(to remove helmets and hoods from NPCs)
Expressive Facial Animation Male
Expressive Facegen Morphs 
 Silent Horizons ENB
Cathedral Weathers
High Poly Head
KS Hairdo's
Apachii SkyHair
HG Hairdo's
Skin Feature Overlays
Immersive Armors
Apachii Devine Elegance
Shiva's Clothing Replacer
NordWarUA's Vanilla Armor Replacers
Yyvengar Bodypaint - Designs of the Lupine
Blanket Scarf Earth Tones Edition
Simply Realistic Armor and Weapons

Recommended Mods for skins:

Tempered Skins with SOS Lite
SAM Lite
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