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An attempt to reproduce Dettlaff and Regis appearances from The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine.

Permissions and credits
!!! All characters, assets and rights to them belong to their owners, namely Andrzej Sapkowski, CD Project Red and Bethesda Game Studios, nothing belongs to me here except my time, which I spent creating those presets.

!!!  I repacked Resources, so you can install them through any Mod Manager (not just MO2). But beware - facial textures use default texture path (textures\actors\character\male). So they will overwrite each other, that's why I recommend to use them with any custom races (with vanilla head parts) of your choice.

Both presets use High Poly Head and were designed to work on the vanilla Nord Race (with custom texture path for player character). For this purpose, I strongly recommend to use RSV with vanilla player option or any Unique Player mods or Custom Races (or any other vanilla-based race that supports unique texture paths for the male character). You can also change texture paths yourself using Creation Kit.


- Expressive Facegen Morphs
- Expressive Facial Animations
High Poly Head
- The eyes of Beauty (for Regis)
- TW3 Eyes (for Dettlaff)
Individual Eye Alignment Sliders For Racemenu
ECE Sliders Addon for Racemenu
ECE Ear Shape Sliders for RaceMenu
- Files from the Miscellaneous section of this modpage.

!!! For Regis' facial hair I used Vanilla beard (slightly modified and retextured) with changed paths for textures and meshes. You can replace the textures with default Skyrim's (or any other), if you do not like mine.


- HIMBO and its requirements
Vitruvia Skin (I used it to patch the neck seams of my textures).
- Facial Hair (beard retexture + vanilla colors for brows, should overwrite everything including Hvergelmir's mods)
- 3D Teeth with EFA patch (vanilla 2D teeth do not let you to sculpt nice-looking vampire fangs in RM)
- Apachii Divine Elegance for clothes
- Equipable Vampire Claws (nude version) 
Improved Eye Reflections and Cube Map SE
- Eye Normal Map fix

For DBVO users I strongly recommend  Vampire DBVO Voice pack

!!! Please note that you need to patch head skins to your body textures if you use something different from Vitruvia Skins, otherwise you will get a color mismatch between body and head.


Download and install files from the main and miscellaneous sections, activate an esp files. In game open Race Menu, change your race (if using Custom Races), select High Poly Head (Head tab - Face Part slider). On the Presets tab choose one of my presets (started with TW3_) and then go to Sculpt tab and apply proper nif file if needed. 

!!! Please note that you need to do some additional steps to make Race Menu sliders to work if you're gonna using it with Custom Races. 

You need to go to  \meshes\actors\character\facegenmorphs\racemenu.esp,  open races.ini file and put there "your Custom Race name = slider set" at the bottom of the Races list (e.g. CustomNordRace   =   sliders\human.ini). Make the same for the Vampire Race (CustomNordRaceVampire  =  sliders\human.ini). Repeat it for each mod that have races.ini file (every slider mod like EFM or ECE Slider). 

~~~Credits & Thanks~~~

Andrzej Sapkowski - for books and characters
CD Project Red - for The Witcher games, assets and characters
Bethesda - for Skyrim
Blender devs - for Blender tool
mandragorasprouts - for Vitruvia Skin

expired6978 - for Race Menu
KouLeifoh - for High Poly Head & Texture Addon for SAM
Niroku - for Expressive facegen Morphs & Facial Animations
Oaristys - for TW3 Eyes
LogRaam - for The Eyes of Beauty
Spongeman131 - for ECE Sliders Addon
Atashi - for ECE Ear Shape Slider
veracruze - for Individual Eye Shape Alignment Sliders

And to everyone whose mods were mentioned on this mod pag
e <3