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About this mod

This mod replaces "tri" files for human and elf female face animation.
The changes are all about emotional expressions, phonemes and modifers.

Permissions and credits
I use machine translation. Please do not use slang etc for messages addressed to me, please write concise sentences.
Please post a screenshot. It will be a way to know if MOD is working properly and it will be the best sample for others.
The sample image was taken with Oldrim.

Other version links : Oldrim / Male Edition

Install / Uninstall :
Please use mod manager. Be careful not to overwrite the file by other mods.
For manual installation, unzip the compressed file and place the Meshes folder under the Skyrim data folder.
To uninstall, just delete this mod file.There is no need to worry about load orders or saved data.

opparco mfg Command for SSE by opparco
This mod improves usability of the console in addition to the bug fix of the expression command.


Mfg Fix by Andrelo
Bug fix of expression command.

Kireina Skyrim SE - Human and Elf Facegen Overhaul
This mod is an NPC replacer I created. This replaces all human and elf Facegens in Skyrim and DLC.
This mod does not replace the face of the NPC with another face, but overhauls leaving the original atmosphere.
Many of the face parts have been reworked to make them more compatible with animation.
It causes file conflict with "Vanilla NPCs SSE Ruhmastered". Please use your favorite one.

Vanilla NPCs SSE Ruhmastered by Ruhadre
This mod replaces all vanilla NPC's Facegen.
This MOD does not change the shape, but improves the compatibility of ENB, EFA, etc. by changing the settings of the shader etc.
There is an optional file that applies EFA Mouth to all NPCs.

Fair Skin Complexion by HHaleyy
The option file uses the teeth texture of this MOD.

NPC Replacer for Mjoll
Her chin is too retracted and the mesh is prone to interference.
When it comes to correspondence on the facial expression animation side, it is necessary to protrude the chin forward.
But this is not a desirable expression. So use her replacement mod.

It is incompatible with Female Facial Animation.
This is a MOD to replace the same file, causing a file conflict.
The facial expression MOD is affected by the shape of the face. Please use your favorite MOD.

This mod works with vanilla head mesh and compatibles.
It does not work with newly created head meshes or those with increased vertices.

It does not work with MODs that refer to files different from this MOD. 
It is not compatible with MODs that only partially reference another file.
This is because the mod is made to work with vanilla facial animation.

This MOD is not reflected in the facial expression slider of Racemenu. This slider seems to be using its own animation.
So please use the console command to check facial expressions even at character creation.
Be careful as it will cause distortion of the mesh if you keep expressions when importing meshes etc.

The position of the teeth differs depending on the shape of the mouth and each slider. 
So finally you need to adjust the position of the teeth using Nifsokope
Load Mouthhuman (f) .nif with Nifskope and left click to select "Mouthhuman (f)" in the block list. 
Left-click to open the context menu and select "Transform> Edit" to open the adjustment window. 
Y is front and back, Z is up and down. It is recommended to adjust the value in 0.1 units.
Adjust the Y and Z values and press Accept. Open the context menu again and select "Transform> Apply". 
Save the file and check in the game. Only the player is reflected.