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This MOD replaces "tri" file for Human/Elf males facial animation.

Permissions and credits
I use machine translation. Please do not use slang etc for messages addressed to me, please write concise sentences.
Please post a screenshot. It will be a way to know if MOD is working properly and it will be the best sample for others.

Other version links : SSE Version / Female Edition

Morphing, expression, etc. are managed by how much vertex is moved from the base mesh.
I respect the shape of vanilla head mesh, so I believe that even the face created by others will function correctly.
Sometimes faces created by morphing may depart from the flow of the original shape.
In this case this MOD may not work beautifully. It is difficult to aim for the best for all faces, 
but if you give me much opinion I will be able to create better ones.

Installation / Uninstallation:
Use the mod manager to install it. To install it manually, place it in the data folder of Skyrim. 
To uninstall, simply delete the files for this MOD.
There are no plug-ins, so you don't need to worry about load orders or save data. 
This mod is a replacement for the vanilla file. Be careful not to be overwritten by other mods.

Fix Lip Sync or Bug fixes by meh321
The former is a lip sync bug fix. The latter is a collection of bug fixes including the former.

Mfg Console by kapaer
This mod improves usability of the console in addition to the bug fix of the expression command.

Random Emotions by cryomorph
This mod makes the facial expression of the player and the follower randomly. You can enjoy facial expression changes easily.

Fair Skin Complexion by HHaleyy
The option file uses the teeth texture of this MOD.

Those based on vanilla head mesh are compatible, but not with mesh with vertex added or newly created custom mesh.
Except when the custom head mesh is not dedicated animation, but is designed to use vanilla animation.

It does not affect characters that have their own files, not generic files.

This MOD is not reflected in the facial expression slider of Racemenu. This slider seems to be using its own animation.
So please use the console command to check facial expressions even at character creation.
Be careful as it will cause distortion of the mesh if you keep expressions when importing meshes etc.

Please post a screenshot to the Image tab when clipping happens. It is easier to grasp than to be explained by words.
Please make the interface of "Mfg Console" visible so that the situation is easy to understand. It is easy to distinguish from ordinary posts.
Each beard has its own "tri" file so if you find a problem with beard, please describe the type of beard you are using.

The Image tab is an approval system and should not be seen by anyone other than me unless I follow the disclosure procedure.