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Unique, realistic NPC replacers created with a lot of time, care, and consideration.

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I started the original version of this mod back at the beginning of my modding journey a few years ago. This final edition, from Enhanced to Elevated, is the culmination of all that I have learned along the way. Most of my original faces have been converted to high-poly, but a few are the same because I didn't think giving them a high-poly head would really add much. These were not simple conversions either, taking much time to re-sculpt and refine, and some ended up with a completely different (but better, IMO!) face. In most cases I tried to keep them lore-friendly, which also means age-appropriate; adults look like adults. As for why I chose these specific NPCs and not others - mostly it is simply because I had an idea of what these particular people should look like, and tried to create it. I have, however, omitted a few NPCs that were in my original mod, and created a couple new ones. Additionally, I have incorporated my other individual NPC overhauls, exclusive of mod-added followers. 

Aside from any bug fixing, this will be the first and final edition of this mod. I have learned what I can from the Bethesda tools available, and now it's time for me to move forward and dig deep into learning universal industry 3D sculpting software.

NPCs included:

Installation & Information

  • Place at or near the bottom of your load order, and after all other NPC replacers if you want my files to win and show up in your game. 
  • If you have black face, it's usually a mod conflict or load order issue. Check in your data folder to make sure my files aren't being overwritten. Purple/Blue faces are a missing texture - report this to me if you see it.
  • General skin textures are not included, for compatibility and size reasons. They will use whatever skin you have installed. A few have individual detail or normal maps for a specific look. This may cause a neck seam, to fix it (but the face will change!) see instructions posted in the stickied comments. 
  • Fralia has a custom outfit and her weight has been changed to 100, and Cicero's outfit has been changed to include a custom hat with hair in the mesh. You will need to patch for this if you want to keep these changes. She may have wrist seams due to body type; eliminating the custom outfit will eliminate wrist seam, so pick your poison. A few other NPCs have weight changed too, this has the potential to cause a neck gap in existing games (new games will not have this problem). You can usually fix it by following these instructions: How to fix neck gaps
  • An optional file that reverts all NPCs that have custom normal maps to vanilla pathways, thus eliminating most (if not all) neck seam problems; however be advised that this will change the look of their faces. I used normal maps from ALT2 at DDS workshop, and Tempered Skin for males, so their textures will work best. 
  • High poly head is not required, all files are included. 
  • Expressive facial animations for both male and female are required.
  • I will not be making patches, however you are free to do so without my permission, just a credit. 

I will not be offering any support with EasyNPC - I endorse this mod and use it myself, however you will need to get support on that modpage and/or discord server. 

I would love to see your in-game screenshots, please feel free to post! :)


I couldn't and probably wouldn't have made this mod without endless help, encouragement, and advice from the wonderful folks at the following discord servers: DDS workshop, The College of Pepe, Dave's Cantina, and others along the way. Special thanks to Lexy and everyone else at Lexy's LOTD server for getting me started on this whole journey and always being there. More special thanks to Novelyst who has helped me with meshes multiple times, Mocia for her help, and Frannie for her advice. Thank you also to Kozakowy for permission to use their wonderful 1660 Gown to dress Fralia, Kalilies for the original inspiration from her own great NPC replacers, and especially for putting up her instructions How to edit NPCs without Nifmerge which is where I initially learned how to begin this process. 

Onto the physical credits:

Disclaimer- I did not make any textures or meshes myself!  All I did was tweak things here and there, and combine bits and pieces from other's amazing creations. All assets used were created by different talented members of this modding community, and they all deserve immense credit for their awesome work. With a mod of this size and complexity, it may be that I have forgotten I used something here or there - if you happen to notice a file that I failed to give credit for (I hope not!) PLEASE let me know because it's certainly not intentional and I will remedy it ASAP! It's never my intent to pass off other's hard work as my own.

Thank you to all - Please visit and endorse!!

khisartin at DDS Workshop for teeth, brows, mouth, skin, eyes, literally everything amazing. Khis has generously given permission to use her textures, and my faces would not look the same without them! Many of her mods are free but please consider donating/subscribing to support her continued and talented work! Khisartin's Boosty - DDS Workshop, textures, mods


Kala's Eyes 
The Eyes of Beauty SSE 
Precious eyes: This mod is from a Russian website, I believe you can download here, and original assets from Raven. 


Dizona Body textures - by Khisartin & Dizona 
Tempered Skins for Males - I believe I am using a normal map for Esbern from this mod. 

Lamenthia's Marks of Beauty 
Skin Feature Overlays, freckles, scars, birthmarks, and Female Makeup Suite 
Freckle Mania by Tetrodoxin
Koralina's Makeup Tweaks 
Northborn Scars
Blackmoon's Brows
Kyoe's Bangin Brows
Kalilie's Brows
Maevan2's Eye Brows SE 
Raven's Warpaints
Vector Plexus High Poly Head and Expressive Facegen Morphs 


HG Hairs - available at LoversLab
SC- KS Hairdos Retextured 
KS Hairdos SSE 
ApachiiSkyHair SSE 
Salt & Wind Hair Textures for both KS hair and Apachii Hair
Beards and Brows 


The scarves used for Fralia is from a mod that I have either had no luck contacting the MA (a very old mod) or the original creator's mods are no longer up nor the MA active on Nexus.
Blanket Scarves & Blanket Scarf Earth Tones - original mod by keungkeung, retextured by jasperthegnome

If you feel compelled to donate to help support my work, here is my Kofi link: eeekie's Kofi