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A facial overhaul of every single male NPC in the Companions using Vector Plexus' High Poly Head. There is also a set of character presets (see description for further details).

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Yeah, yeah, I know there are like a gazillion mods for the Companions, but I'm picky, OK.  That's just a nice way of putting it.  Really the only reason I did this is that I love my twins, but I can't just do those two.  I had to do all the men because you know...picky.  Anyway, I hope you like them.  If you see any problems, stop by and let me know, but please keep the complaining down to a minimum.  I strive hard to do a good job and will do what I can to fix whatever I can.  Even better, show the boys some love.


I have also included a set of Presets for your characters.  I only included Vilkas, Farkas, Athis, and Torvar.  If you want the old guys, just slip me a message.  Please note they are in High Poly Head, so you will need that mod (listed in Requirements).  If you insist on having vanilla heads, let me know.  If I get enough requests, I will make some. 

Below are their mod requirements to make them look EXACTLY as I have them.  I suggest you use a different skin since the one I'm using is for faces only.

Vilkas:  KS Hairdo'sThe Eyes of Beauty
Farkas:  HG Hairdo'sThe Eyes of Beauty
Torvar:   ApachiiSkyHair, The Eyes of Beauty
Athis:   KS Hairdo'sThe Eyes of Beauty (elves)


Please endorse if you love this mod or if it's not causing insurmountable pain.


Important Notes:

1.  There are NO skin textures attached to this mod.  That means you will have to suffer atrocious vanilla skin textures if you download.  The good news is, it will accept any skin mod you wish to use.

2.  This is a High Poly Head mod, but all the assets are in the mod.  No need to download the mod from Vector Plexus.

3.  There was some weird facial clipping when the NPC's talked.  This was due to facial animations.  It has been fixed by inserting a folder for facegenmorphs, hopefully.  Do let me know if you experience and weird beard clipping when they talk.  But there shouldn't be any problems.

4.  Please do not ask me to change appearances or remove tattoos.  I know this is all subjective, but it's my subjectivity (is that a thing?) I created them as I wanted them.  If you like, then download and enjoy!  If not, well, there are other NPC mods out there.

5.  These do NOT work with other NPC mods that change the appearance of the men of the Thieves Guild.  You will need to override said mod.  At least in Vortex, it asked me which order to put my Companions NPCs and Thieves Guild NPCs.  I don't think it matters since neither overwrite each other.  I did notice that when loaded it will ask what order to place the mods for eyes, hair, etc. that are in this mod.  I put my NPC mods before said mods, though this does not require hairs or eyes since they are included.

6.  All the men in the images use Fine Face Textures, The Eyes of Beauty and Eyes of Beauty Elves (included in mod), NordWarUA's Vanilla Armor Replacer, several hair mods (included in mod), Silent Horizons ENB, and Cathedral Weathers (see links in credits below).

7.  Please do not ask me to remove any NPC's from this .esp.  You may do so on your own using SSEEdit if there are NPC's you do not like.



My other NPC Replacer Mod:  Men of the Thieves Guild



Fine Face Textures
 Silent Horizons ENB
Cathedral Weathers
The Eyes of Beauty
NordWarUA's Vanilla Armor Replacer
High Poly Head
KS Hairdo's
HG Hairdo's (NSFW site-but download fine)
Skin Feature Overlays
Vanilla NPC's Without Headgear
Immersive Armors

Recommended Mods for skins:

Tempered Skins with SOS Lite
SAM Lite
SAM High Poly Conversion 


I would love to see your screenshots of the bad boys of the Companions using whatever skins and ENB's you use.  Images welcome.