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About this mod

A lore-friendly hold overhaul for Windhelm and Eastmarch.

Permissions and credits
This mod overhauls a total of 69 NPCs in the Eastmarch with a goal to populate the world space with detailed realistic faces.
The general appearance of NPCs is achieved through a combination of sculpting and normal maps.

PLEASE NOTE: Ulfric Stormcloak is not included in this mod.
There is a separate, user customizable mod for him

Soft Requirements
Expressive Facial Animations are a soft requirement for this mod.
A skin texture mod (Eg. BnP) is strongly recommended. 

There are some options in the FOMOD/download page for you to get this working properly with your set up.
  • choose whether to use all NPCs, just males or just females.
  • compatibility for vanilla, CBBE and UNP bodies
  • compatibility options for RBT users

  • The current version has 512x512 facetint. A higher resolution version will be added on the next update.
  • I am aware of 3 NPCs that haven't been covered. They will be added on the next update.
  • Please let me know of any bugs with the mod so that I can investigate and add fixes on the next update.

If there are any issues, please use the "Bugs" tab to report it.
I struggle to keep up when they are in the comments.
Thank you kindly ♡

Everyone is welcome over on my Patreon and not all of my content is hidden by tiers, like early version of upcoming mods. ANY support is amazing. Sub for a month, or longer, or not at all - I understand that donating isn't for everyone (I myself live the broke student life), so other ways you can support me is downloading and talking about my mods, patching, translating, taking cool screenshots and sharing them here on Nexus or over on R/skyrimmods, etcetera ❤



Expressive Facial Animations for Males and Females is a soft requirement (see requirements tab)

Recommendation: This mod looks best with a skin texture mod. Vanilla skins don't look good.
My recommendation will always be BnP Female Skin and BnP Male Skin since NITHI series is built to work best with it.
If you PC is a potato, try the 2K textures or downscale them to 1K if you need to, using something like CAO.


1) Download the requirements and the FOMOD installer.
If you are updating from the Patreon version, uninstall the old version before installing this version.

2) Follow the installer. 

3) Check the plugins is loading late. You may have to do this manually with vortex.

4) Play!

If you want your NPCs to look like exactly like mine you will need:
  • RBT (Race Based Textures)
  • BnP Skin 2 or 4K for Females & males (RBT files)
  • Obsidian Weathers
  • Pi-Cho ENB for Obsidian Weathers
  • LUX

THANK YOU to all the talented mod authors below for your contribution to NITHI NPCs 
Check them out and show them some love!





* no assets used directly, but are used in creation or are baked in the NPC mesh or tint files