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A High Poly Head overhaul of Kaidan. There are two versions to choose from.

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Visual Overhaul

So this is something I've been wanting to do for a while now.  That is replacing Kaidan.  It's also been requested so many times, I've lost count.  You're welcome.  This man was so difficult to create that if he were my real husband, I probably would have divorced him already.  Okay, that's not fair.  He's too handsome to divorce.  But I would have been real mad at him for a couple of hours.

I have two versions of Kaidan.  They aren't overly dramatic differences so, please... I beg you, don't be pedantic and tell me why I shouldn't have bothered.  But I know someone will anyway because they like to tell you you're 30 seconds off from the time after they ask you what time it is.  But I digress.  In the first version of Kaidan, his brows aren't as intense, his eyes aren't as almond-shaped.  Basically, he's softer and more 'Nord' in appearance.  In the second version, he has more of an Asian influence.  His brows more intense, his eyes have more of an epithelial fold.  He's just more all-around intense.  You can tell the difference better in the game.

NOTE:  MeisterB ported over
Kaidan to Xbox

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Please read thoroughly before downloading
Seriously... DO IT

1.  Kaidan's textures are set in stone.  I hope.  I've switched skin textures and he stays the same.  Also, now when he's fully naked, he retains his scars.  Kaidan is using Tempered Skins with SOS Lite.  Apparently, he also works with SOS Full.

NOTE:  If you're using SAM Light, there is an issue with Kaidan's man sausage.  You will need to download Kaidan SAM Light version over on Vector Plexus.  I cannot load it here due to licensing issues.

2.  This mod uses High Poly Head from Vector Plexus, so if you find weird facial contortions, eye socket problems, or beard clipping, please install  Expressive Facegen Morphs and Expressive Facial Animation.  They are a soft requirement.

3.  No, Kaidan is NOT using his original face tattoo.  A complete overhaul doesn't allow me to use the texture.  I don't have access to it.  You will just have to settle on the one I have for him.

4.  For the love of all that is good in this world, do NOT come to me about the Kaidan mod and any problems he may have.  I did not create the mod and have no idea how to deal with any bugs.  I only changed his appearance.

5.  I have played the Kaidan mod with my overhaul all the way through.  He works for me.

6.  I use Silent Horizons with Cathedral Weathers for my images.  I also used a few LUTs in SH, so coloring and clarity will be different for your game, depending on what ENB you use or any at all.

A Special Thanks

Thank you to Livetempleton for creating Kaidan!  Thank you to r1goodwin for always putting up with me and the bloody textures.  And, thank you, thank you to Enroys who figured out why Kaidan refused to have hands and a man sausage.  He created Kaidan's body with textures and mesh fixes.

Other Credits

Expressive Facial Animation Male
Expressive Facegen Morphs 
 Silent Horizons ENB
Cathedral Weathers
High Poly Head
Apachii SkyHair
Apachii Devine Elegance
Kala's Eyes
Elegant Beauty Stunning Eyes
Amazing Follower Tweaks
Evil MasterMind Armor
Community Overlays 3 (I believe it's the 3rd one)

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Please feel free to share your images of Kaidan with the class!