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Another makeover for everyone's favorite dorky adventuring companion.

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Once upon a time I did a makeover for Lucien. It was alright.

This one is better. 

But you can still download the old one here in optional files if you still prefer that look. 

This is a new high poly sculpt converted from his old low-poly version, and extensively refined. Because the process of converting a low poly nif to a high poly one is so weird and tricky, it's not as perfect as I would have hoped. As a result, Lucien will probably have a neck seam/gap towards the back due to the LP/HP warping. I can't seem to fix this, I'm sorry. But, I personally don't consider it a deal breaker. Just give him a scarf or something, it's cold out. His weight has been changed from 0 to 10 as was the previous version, so you will get a small seam if you load him in an existing game. You can probably get rid of (most of the weight-related) seam by clicking on him in console, disable, then enable. But again, scarves are your friend. 

Intended for use with Expressive Facial Animations. Lucien comes with included textures: Beard, Eyebrows, Eyes, and rough skin detail. He DOES NOT INCLUDE main skin textures for compatibility reasons. Shown with Dizona, I recommend this or Tempered Skin (least rough/aged). He looks okay with Vitruvia too, Skysight seems a little too rough and aged for him. If you're up for learning, I would encourage you to learn how to make a skin texture "armor" for him specifically so that he can have whatever distinct look you want. Or use something like Zebd/SynthEBD to choose his skin texture. 

I would love to see your in-game screenshots, please feel free to post! :)

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It's never my intention to take credit for other's work, so if I have missed anything in the credits, please let me know and I will fix it right away!
Please visit and endorse their individual pages!

Thank you to all:

Novelyst for all your help along the way and fixing his escaped eyeballs! <3

khisartin at DDS Workshop for teeth, brows, mouth, skin, eyes, literally everything amazing. Khis has generously given permission to use her textures, and Lucien would not look the same without them! Many of her mods are free but please consider donating/subscribing to support her continued and talented work! Khisartin's Boosty - DDS Workshop, textures, mods

Vector Plexus High Poly Head and Expressive Facegen Morphs which gives character creation so many more subtle options for an even greater variety of faces! 
Lamenthia's Marks of Beauty for really beautifully done face details; freckles, birthmarks, dark circles. 
Female Makeup Suite Thank you to domainwolf for the best makeup suite on the Nexus. 
SC- KS Hairdos Retextured - ShinglesCat really outdid herself here. This is a must-have.
KS Hairdos SSE - Thank you to Kalilies for making such an incredible hair mod!

If you feel compelled to donate to help support my work, here is my Kofi link: eeekie's Kofi