About this mod

This is a high poly face replacer/redesign for all 125 named male and female NPCs in the Rift Region (except children and beast races).

Permissions and credits
  • Ukrainian
  • Turkish
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • French

This mod covers all 125 named adults that I could find in the Rift region. Includes NPCs from the city of Riften, Thieves Guild, Ivarstead, Fort Dawnguard, several small farms, and the orcs in the Largashbur stronghold .

I've been working on this little by little as I have found myself without a lot of free time lately. I'm proud though to finally be able to get this released as I started it months ago.

These are the NPCs included:

  • 1.       Addvild
    2.       AduriSarethi
    3.       Aerin
    4.       Agmaer
    5.       Alessandra
    6.       Anuriel
    7.       Aringoth
    8.       Arnskar
    9.       Asbjorn
    10.      Asgeir
    11.      Atub
    12.      Avrusa Sarethi
    13.      Balimund
    14.      Barknar
    15.      Bassianus
    16.      Beleval
    17.      Bersi
    18.      Bolli
    19.      Boti
    20.      Brand-Shei
    21.      Briehl
    22.      Brynjolf
    23.      Celann
    24.      Chief Yamarz
    25.      Constance
    26.      Cynric
    27.      Delvin Mallory
    28.      Dinya Balu
    29.      Dirge
    30.      Drahff
    31.      Dravin Llanith
    32.      Drifa
    33.      Durak
    34.      Edda
    35.      Elgrim
    36.      Esbern
    37.      Etienne Rarnis
    38.      Fastred
    39.      Filnjar
    40.      Froki Whetted-Blade
    41.      Galathil
    42.      Garakh
    43.      Garthar
    44.      Gian the Fist
    45.      Gonnar
    46.      Grelka
    47.      Grelod-
    48.      Grogmar
    49.      Grosta
    50.      Gularzob
    51.      Gunmar
    52.      Gwilin
    53.      Haelga
    54.      Hafjorg
    55.      Harrald
    56.      Hefid
    57.      Hemming Black-Briar
    58.      Herluin
    59.      Hewon
    60.      Hofgrir
    61.      Indaryn
    62.      Ingjard
    63.      Ingun Black-Briar
    64.      Iona
    65.      Isran
    66.      Jofthor
    67.      Karliah
    68.      Klimmek
    69.      Knjakr
    70.      Laila
    71.      Legate Fasendil
    72.      Leonara Arius
    73.      Lob
    74.      Louis Letrush
    75.      Lynly
    76.      Maramal
    77.      Marcurio
    78.      Marise Aravel
    79.      Maul
    80.      Maven Black-Briar
    81.      Mercer
    82.      Mjoll
    83.      Molgrom
    84.      Narfi
    85.      Niluva Hlaalu
    86.      Niruin
    87.      Nivenor
    88.      Nura
    89.      Odfel
    90.      Ogol
    91.      Orini
    92.      Ravyn
    93.      Romlyn Dreth
    94.      Rune
    95.      Saerlund
    96.      Salvianus
    97.      Sapphire
    98.      Sarthis Idren
    99.      Shadr
    100.   Sibbi BB
    101.   Sigaar
    102.   Snilf
    103.   Sorine
    104.   Svana
    105.   Sylgja
    106.   Synda Llanith
    107.   Syndus
    108.   Temba
    109.   Threki
    110.   Thrynn
    111.   Tilde
    112.   Tonilia
    113.   Tythis Ulen
    114.   Ugor
    115.   Ungrien
    116.   Unmid
    117.   Valindor
    118.   Vanryth
    119.   Vekel the Man
    120.   Vex
    121.   Vigilant Tolan
    122.   Vipir
    123.   Vulwulf
    124.   Wilhelm
    125.   Wylandriah


USSEP (Unofficial Skyrim SE Patch)
Expressive Facial Animation Female
Expressive Facial Animation Male

The mod was designed with the version of the High Poly Head that was made to work with Expressive Facial Animation. Using this mod without Expressive Facial Animations installed can cause issues such as mouth clipping or eyes looking odd. It's not a hard requirement but to avoid any issues you should have it installed.

Mod Suggestions (to make it look like screenshots, they're not requirements)

I have left the faces, bodies, and eyes to use whatever textures you have (if any) installed because everyone's preference is different. That being said, for best results these are the mods the replacer was designed with and I highly recommend them.

Biijin Skin (realistic face textures option in fomod)
Skysight Skins (just the normal face textures, not younger option, and less veins body)
Superior Lore-friendly Hair (rough version)
Beards (retextures)
Brows (just for retextures)
Mild Complexions (overwrite this mod with Bijin Skin and Skysight Skin)
The Eyes of Beauty ( just for vanilla eye texture replacer)

Install with a Mod Manager (Recommended)

Uninstall with a Mod Manager
This mod would be a pain in the ass to uninstall without one

Load Order
Below anything that overwrites the same NPCs until a patch can be made

KS Hairdos by Kalilies, Stealthic, and Shockero
Hallgarth's Additional Vanilla Hair by Hallgarth
ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii
The Eyes of Beauty by LogRaam and ported to SSE by docteure
Salt & Wind Rough Hair by jasperthenome and ported by Shiva182
High Poly Head by KouLeifoh (mod is posted on VectorPlexus)
Female Makeup Suite and Skin Feature Overlays and HD Vanilla Tints by DomainWolf
RaceMenu by Expired
USSEP by Arthmoor
Bethesda for Skyrim SE