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Visual Replacers for Anna NPCs.

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This mod changes the appearance of several characters made by Anduniel in the mod
ANNA Npcs . 
I have worked on this mod since forever, so you might have seen pictures around that look very different from the ones here, that's because I keep changing/improving (hopefully) as well, so be aware this has been completely reworked many times since my LE version.
I have sculpted their faces according to how I see them and/or like them, suggestions are welcome, but please understand that I made this replacer for my own game in the first place, so I have to be the first to like them :)
ANNA NPCs got a few updates since I made this mod: since older versions aren't available anymore for good reasons, I have deleted previous versions of this mod as well. There are no reasons to keep them up if they don't work anymore, so please don't ask about them. Do make sure to read the section below BEFORE updating mid-play. 

Update 1.5:
* New update is compatible with latest version of Anna NPCs (4.3.1+).
* I reworked the following npcs: Anduniel, Mareen, Lyra, Zorya, Elyndra,Teryn Meru, Nadina, Tatiyana, Valyen, Darion, Azura, Jade, Ruby, Crystal, Rayya
* Main followers now feature High Poly Heads. Minor NPCs remain unchanged, except Cerise (currently removed from this overhaul).
* New hairstyles for almost everyone as well as new, more natural-looking, hair colours.
* All elven followers are now more lore-friendly compared to their previous version. For example, Anduniel has been given elven features but retains human eyes as in the original mod. She will use your own installed textures for female bosmer. Mareen also looks like a true Bosmer.
* Latest version is no longer compatible with Anna NPc 4.2 or previous, thus all older files have been removed.
* Expressive Facial Animation is a soft requirement.

This replacer is lightweight and will use any body meshes / textures you have installed for female and male characters in order to ensure  compatibility with all armour/body mods you are currently using. 

Here's a list of NPCs changed by this mod:

Teryn Meru

Lorelei Van Helsing
Azzadal Tears Band - Azura, Crystal, Ruby and Jade

I consider this overhaul complete and I will not add any new character unless they become important followers in the future.

Install with a mod manager (Recommended)
Install ANNA NPCs first. Make sure it's the latest version (currently, 4.3.1). If you don't have the latest version installed, update first.
If you are installing mid-playthrough, dismiss everyone first, then save and exit, then install.
Do not install on older versions.
It's very recommended you install Expressive Facial Animation for Female and Males. While my works without it, my sculpts have been tailored for use with this mod.

  •  I don't like how some characters look!
    It's okay, just use TES5Edit to remove them . Please, understand that I have made the npcs to my liking . 
  • I don't like the hair choices!
    No problem, you can use wigs , there are two mods at the moment : Apachii and Physics Wigs (latter requires HDT)
  • Valyen's armor is buggy! What happened?
    Nothing to do with this mod, check the original page for a fix. Or just give her a different armour.
  • User pictures in the image section show different characters. What happened?
    Those are old versions of this mod. They are no longer available.
  • The Latest update features completely different looks. I want the same look as the previous version.
    As I said, my modding keep changing and I made the NPCs the way I like them. The old versions used to be much more animesque and unlore-friendly. I wanted characters to look beautiful but also slightly realistic. This isn't LOTR, so pretty elves with angelic looks aren't an option. Also, because some characters in the original mod are of mixed race (Darion, Elyndra,Valyen, ect), I tried to sculpt them in a way that would give them characteristic features from both human and elven races.
  • Azzadal Tears Band is completely different from the original mod. Why?
    That's because they were looking far too alien and didn't fit well in my game. I wanted to give them a lore-friendly look, so instead of colourful hair, I opted for a colourful makeup. They are just normal elves now.
  • Can you make your mod espfe flagged?
    No. It requires FORM IDs compacting, so you're on your own. I won't be breaking savefiles for people. Merging npcs repalcers is safer and will save you slots anyway. Use zMerge.

Custom Skin Textures for Female Characters
SAM Light + Dizona for SAM for Male Characters
Osare Culort Outfit
Ranger Armor
Mage Robes
zzjay Wardrobe
Apachii Store
Silent Horizons ENB
Custom LUTs 
Rogue Women of Skyrim

Anduniel  (Anna's blog)
High Poly Head
Apachii Hairstyles
Eyes of Beauty 
KS Hairdos 
TW3 Eyes 
HG Hairdos
Expressive Morphs
Sg Hair by HelloSanta
DomainWolf for warpaints and makeup
Pocky Makeup
Kala Eyes
zhoulia for eyemaps

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