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Changes the appearance of Lydia. No changes to stats/perks made.
Uses the female animations, instead of vanilla male ones.
Uses your body type and your body textures.
Or optional Darah Follower. High Poly Heads by Vector Plexus REQUIRED. See requirements for link to download.
ESP-FE - Will not count towards plugin limit.

Permissions and credits
Now includes Dhara as a Follower option if you prefer not to replace Lydia. Perks and abilities kindly put together by ff7legend (copied from my Lacey Mod)
Quote from ff7legend:
"I made Lacey a jack-of-all trades sans magic.  Meaning she is effective in One-handed (Dual Wield-capable), Two-handed, Archery, Heavy Armor, Light Armor, Block, & Sneak.  This means it will be left up to each individual user as to how they wish to utilize Lacey in terms of combat.  She has the appropriate Offsets & set to level with the player indefinitely.  No level cap whatsoever.  Hope everyone enjoys Lacey given the way I set her up..."


This mod will replace only the appearance of Lydia, the Housecarl of Whiterun.
Also changes her so that she uses female animations, instead of male (why Bethesda!?)
No changes to stats/Perks have been made!

Alternatively, Download Dhara Follower
Dhara comes with a summon spell (spell book is in her inventory. Take it off her and learn the spell. Is found under conjuration tree)

ESP-FE - Will not count towards your plugin limit! 

Lydia/Dhara use your own body textures/meshes

Vector Plexus High Poly Heads Required!
Dawnguard DLC Required!

Want Dhara/Lydia as a Racemenu Preset instead?
Dhara Nord Racemenu Preset - High Poly

Dhara Details
Voicetype: FemaleYoungEager
Race: Nord
Bodytype: Uses whatever body you are using
Skin Texture: Uses whatever skin texture you are using
Weight: 0.5
Height: default
Combat Style: 1H, 2H, Bows, shields
Armor/Outfit: Naked as the day she was born!
You can find her in Braidwood Inn, Kynesgrove.

ENB: Silent Horizons ENB
Skin Texture: Fair Skin Complexion 
Armors in Screenshots: To be completed.

Highly Recommended
Install Amazing Follower Tweaks so you can manage Lydia's standard/default Outfit (or something similar to AFT).

Recommended Installation
Install via Nexus/Vortex - If prompted, let this file overwrite any others.
When using Lydia Replacer, put towards the bottom of your load order, or at least below any other mods that would potentially alter Lydia's appearance, such as the awesome Bijin Warmaidens.
Manual Installation
IMPORTANT: If you are going to manually install Lydia Replacer, please make a backup of original Lydia's FaceGenData files
Back up the following two files:
To install Manually, unpack, then drag and drop data folder into your Skyrim Special Edition main game folder (where skyrimSE.exe is)

Remember to Endorse if you like! Enjoy!
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