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A complete female NPC overhaul using High Poly Head. AIO FOMOD installer with separate texture resolutions and warpaint or not warpaint choice. All esl flagged.

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Courageous Women
An Almost Complete Female NPC Overhaul

I tell you, the women were much easier to create.  Why?  I'm sure it had nothing to do with the better texture mods for them.  There are also about half as many women as there are men in the game (about 185).  So, I did my best to give you a variety of female faces.  Some are pretty, some not so much.  I did my best to give them character as well.  Most importantly, I tried not to turn them into Anime or Barbie (it's fine if that's your thing, but it's not mine).  Some are wearing makeup, most are not.  

So, why is this called 'nearly complete' and not 'complete?'  Because some females had records that didn't allow for editing and some absolutely refused to take (I'm looking at you Ghorza).  But, I did all that I could.

I would like to give a special shoutout to Lamenthia.  She approached me and asked if I would test her Marks of Beauty mod on my gals.  I readily agreed because they are amazing!  Her work allowed me to make these women even more interesting and unique.  She added age spots, birthmarks, freckles, moles, and more!  Go check out her mod.  I guarantee you will love it as much as I do.


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Please read thoroughly before downloading
Seriously... DO IT

1. APPEARANCES:  There are NO skin textures attached to this mod.  That means you will have to suffer atrocious vanilla skin textures if you download.  The good news is, it will accept any skin mod you wish to use.  Please be aware that your NPCs will look a bit different than mine using different skin textures.  I also use Silent Horizons ENB and Cathedral Weathers, so your images may look different from mine.

I created these women using Bijin Skin.  They will look best with this skin.

2.  ANIMATIONS:  I am using High Poly Head Version 4 and it requires Expressive Facegen Morphs and Expressive Facial Animation Female.  High Poly Head is baked into the mod, but not the animations.  With that said, some have used this mod without them with no problems.  If you find clipping or weird eyes, install these mods.  If not, you should be fine.

3.  EDITING:  Please do not ask me to change appearances or remove tattoos, or ask me to remove NPCs.  I won't do it and you can't make me.  Please... just stop asking.  Thank you!  The good news is I gave you a few NPCs that you can choose without warpaint.

4.  LOAD ORDER:  NPCs should go down towards the end of your load order.  Please read sticky notes regarding dealing with multiple NPCs and their issues.

5.  REQUIREMENTS:  You will need to have USSEEP downloaded as well as the DLCs.  Seriously, everyone should have this by now.  It just makes my life a heck of a lot simpler that I don't have to do patches and extra files.  

I've also added XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended - XPMSSE as a hard requirement.  Seems some of the longer hairs affect the skeleton.  I may change this later down the road.  For now, if you have skeleton issues, please download this mod.  It can be changed, but there are a lot of them.  So if I change it, it will take time.



Pride of Skyrim Male NPC Overhaul


(Most of these are not in the mod.  Credits are given if I also used in my screenshots)

Vanilla NPCs Without Headgear 
(to remove helmets and hoods from NPCs)
Expressive Facial Animation Male
Expressive Facegen Morphs 
 Silent Horizons ENB
Cathedral Weathers
High Poly Head
Maevan2's Mature Skin
(for the older skin textures)
KS Hairdo's
SC - KS Hairdos Retextured
HG Hairdo's
Skin Feature Overlays
Immersive Armors
Shiva's Clothing Replacer
NordWarUA's Vanilla Armor Replacers
Blanket Scarf Earth Tones Edition
Weathered Warpaint for Females
Armor and Clothing Extension
Rustic Clothing
Elsopa Glorious HD Amulets
Lamenthi's Marks of Beauty
Vanilla Warpaints Absolution
Bijin Skin
The Eyes of Beauty
Kala's Vampire Eyes
Kala's Elf Eyes

Feel free to share your screenshots