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Ass Ass's face presets are unique (or at least i tried to be) and go past the generally normal and same but hot faces of most others, welcome to the world of cartoony and anime style faces that are made going beyond the the normal limits of Racemenu's sliders.

Permissions and credits
currently 2 female Presets, 2 Female Face sculpts or whatever it is called,
Tarkus and Rakus

Using a different skin will cause the teeth to clip out, just slide them teeth back into the mouth in racemenu in the mouth tab at the very bottem
i have inconsistent use with skins mods as i have switched through like 5 of them, anyways it shouldnt be a problem, just slide them teeth back in.
New shit:
* A new face has appeared Loctric
* A new face has appeared Shiva (Enderal)

Bringing over from my other presets to this one:
* Atago preset
* Anime Style Face female 2

New shit:
*A new face has appeared Cat Lady Masque
*Shiva and Loctric now have scultp files added

New shit:
*Rakus was Remade
*Tarkus was Remade
*A new face has appeared Cat Lady Yolk

New shit:
*A new face has appeared Pret  

Coming soon eventually 

Planned ideas (not guaranteed to come)
Handsome Squidward's face for your male characters
Duke Nukem