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An accurate RaceMenu preset (BodySlide preset also available) that uses the original 2B model as reference.

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I hope people will realize that creating stuff like this takes time. Sadly, like everyone, my time is limited so I have to choose which characters I want to work on and and which ones to skip. I'm currently taking requests for people who want a specific BodySlide or RaceMenu preset see remade. You can send those requests as a private message. Real life people are now also possible thanks to a plugin for Blender called FaceBuilder (look it up). Obviously these are less accurate than one based of of existing 3D model.


Ever wanted to have your character look like 2B? No time to make an accurate RaceMenu preset? If your answer is yes to any of the above, Schnoz got you covered. Introducing Accurate RaceMenu Series or ARS. I used the original 2B model as reference to create a preset that is very close to the original. How close you ask? Take a look:


First be sure to download all the required mods. In the download section a .zip file that contain a preset designed for the Breton race. You can use your favorite mod manager to install the files or install the manually in the following location:

If you are not using Mod Organizer: Skyrim Special Edition/Data/SKSE/Plugins/CharGen/Presets
If you are using Mod Organizer: Mod Organizer/overwrite/SKSE/Plugins/CharGen/Presets

If done correctly, the preset should show up the next time you open RaceMenu.


Well I said I wouldn't make a 2B preset but here we are. This is the first RaceMenu preset I upload using the new method. Way more accurate than previous characters and in way less time too. If you aren't satisfied with some aspects, you can modify it yourself for personal use (don't be rude, change 1 or 2 sliders a bit and upload it to the nexus). You can use this preset in screenshots (love to see them uploaded to this mod page). Credit is highly appreciated. Do not reupload mods under any circumstances. Also be sure to check out my twitter (NSFW) if you like my content.


2B Model by Square Enix
RaceMenu by expired6978
BodySlide by ousnius
Fair Skin Complexion by HHaleyy
Silent Horizons ENB by LonelyKitsune
2B Outfit by xxxODDxx and themilkdrinker
Beauty Mark by Yevvie
Screenshots by Venta and Eye_Wish1

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