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Mjoll The Lioness Overhaul to both visuals and stats/perks- OR Karin Standalone Follower - Combat Overhauls kindly provided by FF7Legend -
ESP-FE - Does not add to your plugin limit -
Use your body shape and textures -
Karin is in The Bee and Barb, Riften -
High Poly and Standard Versions - War Paint/No War Paint

Permissions and credits

Tweaks to perks/stats- Kindly provided by ff7legend - Thanks Dude! 

Notes from ff7legend:
Mjoll has proficiency with BOTH Battleaxes & Greatswords alongside Heavy Armor/Archery/Sneak.  Karin has identical stats/perks.

Dawnguard DLC Required

ESP-FE - Mjoll The Lioness and Karin have been flagged as ESL, so will not count towards your plugin limit.

Optional War Paint Remover file under Miscellaneous.

Want Karin as a Racemenu Preset Instead?
Karin - A Beautiful NORD Racemenu Preset - High Poly and Standard Versions


There are 4 main files to choose from:
Karin Follower - High Poly Version
Karin Follower - Standard Version

Mjoll Replacer - High Poly Version

Mjoll Replacer - Standard Version

Mjoll and Karin look identical. 
Both Mjoll and Karin use your body meshes and textures, so should be compatible with all the various body types across Nexus.

If you are going to download one of the High Poly Versions, please make sure you have High Poly Heads, by KouLeifoh installed, along with any requirements that mod needs. 


Use Karin Custom Standalone Follower instead.

Voicetype: FemaleEvenToned
Race: NORD
Bodytype: Uses whatever body you are using
Skin Texture: Uses whatever skin texture you are using
Weight: 0.5
Height: default
Combat Style: Two-Handed/Heavy Armour/Archery/Sneak
Armor/Outfit: Naked as the day she was born!

You can find her in The Bee & Barb, Riften

ENB: Silent Horizons ENB - Using a variety of different LUTs
Skin Texture: Fair Skin Complexion 

Armours in Screenshots
will complete this section when screenshots are all complete.

Recommended Installation
Install via Nexus/Vortex - Let this file overwrite any others.
Manual Installation
IMPORTANT: If  manually installing Mjoll Replacer, please make a backup of original Mjoll's FaceGenData files
Back up the following two files:
To install Manually, unpack, then drag and drop data folder into your Skyrim Special Edition main game folder (where  skyrimSE.exe is)

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