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Official port of TEOB to SSE. With permission from LogRaam.

Permissions and credits
Thank you LogRaam for giving me permission to port this mod to Skyrim Special Edition. And thank you madduma (co-author of The Eyes Of Beauty Fallout Edition) for relaying my permission request to LogRaam.

The .esp has been resaved in Creation Kit as form 44.

Skyrim: The Eyes Of Beauty

- New eyes texture, mostly heterochromia, for humans, argonians, elves, khajiits, orcs.
- Standalone, this mod will ADD new eyes to male and female player character AND/OR will replace vanilla eyes, depend on what you install.
- Lore friendly. Brighter unique eyes for Elves available as well as darker ones.
- New textures will be added in future release!

The Eyes of Beauty offers many new eyes textures for player and NPCs. All texture are high resolution and are made for the best result in Skyrim. No other eyes will be so real and unique.

The download section offers you many choices:

- The Player pack (Install this one to add more eyes to your character creation)
- The NPC pack (Install this one to replace NPC Vanilla eyes)
- Dawnguard (Change vampire eyes texture) --> is in separate page here: The Eyes Of Beauty - Vampire Eyes SSE

**You can either install one or several packs. If you want Player eyes AND NPC's, then you'll have to install BOTH.


This mod will go along well with Eye Normal Map Fix SSE. Let this mod overwrite TEOB.
The Eyes Of Beauty - Vampire Eyes SSE is superior than the original dawnguard eyes. Let this mod overwrite TEOB NPC.

NMM: Just install as usual.

NMM: Just uninstall as usual.


You are a sky of autumn, pale and rose;
But all the sea of sadness in my blood
Surges, and ebbing, leaves my lips morose,
Salt with the memory of the bitter flood.

In vain your hand glides my faint bosom o'er,
That which you seek, beloved, is desecrate
By woman's tooth and talon; ah, no more
Seek in me for a heart which those dogs ate.

It is a ruin where the jackals rest,
And rend and tear and glut themselves and slay--
A perfume swims about your naked breast!

Beauty, hard scourge of spirits, have your way!
With flame-like eyes that at bright feasts have flared
Burn up these tatters that the beasts have spared!

(by: Charles Baudelaire)

Update Log
31-03-2018: Initial release.
06-04-2018: fixed wild worldspace edit.
thanks to CyborgArmGun!
textures changes:
Fixed brown spot on in photoshop, and it now blends.
Argonian and Orc Eyes have higher res lash Alpha taken from the Human/Elf eyes.
Argonian eyes have flat white alphas as they have no lashes in game. - > to match Typo fix in esp.
"HumanEyes" series have had their names zero-padded. "HumanEyes1" - > "HumanEyes01"
Updated to BC7 with NVIDIA Texture Tools Exporter.

plugin changes:
Wrong FormID vs Names conflicts fixed.
FemaleEyesHumanDarkBrown for female human was marked for Argonians, and has since been corrected back to human.
FemaleHumanEyes24DUPLICATE has been deleted.
MaleHumanEyes20 has been properly named such, and several number order issues have been corrected to reflect their texture set assigned.
FemaleHumanEyes23 is also correctly named for its texture set.
"HumanEyes" series have had their names zero-padded.
"HumanEyes1" - > "HumanEyes01" etc, and should now load in order in RaceMenu and ECE.
All EyeElvesSaphire instances have been renamed to ElvesSapphire as two P are the correct spelling.

24-08-2020: was a copy of had the low res lashes.

LogRaam (as the original author)
CyborgArmGun for version 1.2

My porting/converting mods


Thank you guys for the support, this mod made it to hot files! (in less than one day!)