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2 Human Presets, 1 Dark Elf Preset and a Half Dragon Preset I made and really like.
Have fun using them as they are, or use it as a basis for your own character.

Since the human presets are a work in progress since I started playing Skyrim and they were Redguards once, they are made as Redguards even though they dont look like it.

Permissions and credits
The Dark Elf is strongly based on the Half Dragon, just a little adjusted.

Mods you will need:

Mild Complexions (only for Redguard 2)
KS Hairdos - HDT SMP
Half Dragon Race for SSE (only for the Half Dragon)
The Eyes of Beauty SSE

Mods I also used, but are not necessarily needed:
BHUNP (Depending on the body type used, you might need to adjust the body though)
Unslaad - Pale UNP Textures