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An-Yu - The Jade Argonian preset for racemenu. Mod dependent! With his draconic heritage, he will literally take down you from your foot.

Permissions and credits

Do you believe in Yin and Yang?
Even if not, then he will lead you on your path.

To make her look like on the picture you will need these .:

Hair is BeastHHBB - Beast Hair Horn Beard and Brow - Vanilla based character creation options and NPC replacer for Khajiit and Argonians
Eyes are The Eyes Of Beauty SSE
Tail is BAT - Bigger Argonian Tails SE
His scales are Male Dragonic Argonian Textures 4k - 2k (SOS and Vanilla)
Glowing is Beast Race Bodypaints SE
Claws are Digitigrade Beast Races for Skyrim SE

Obviously thanks to all the original mod creators

Please do not forget to endorse if you enjoy this preset, thank you!

How to use this mod:
1) Download the mod from the Nexus
2) Put the files in the right folders: 
the preset (jslot) file goes into the Data/SKSE/Plugins/CharGen/Presets folder
the NIF (and the dds)  into the Data/SKSE/Plugins/CharGen folder (if there is any)
3) Open your Skyrim game and load the save you want to use
4) type ~showracemenu to open character creation or go to the character creation in the beginning of the game
5) Make sure you're loading it on a mle Argonian with weight 85
6) Go to the presets tab- F9 load the preset (jslot) from the presets folder in the CharGen
7) Then immediately go to sculpt tab - F9 load the NIF from the CharGen folder (if there is any)
8) Save
9) Then you are free to open ~showracemenu again and to edit the preset to your liking. 
use your imagination! Please do not upload any character based on this preset anywhere without MY permission.

Q: Do i really need these mods for him?
A: Yes. Otherwise he wont look like the pictures.

Q: He is not my type. Can i change him?
A: Yeah. go ahead. Just do not reupload here or any other site.

Q: What armor he is wearing on the pictures?
A: An unobtainable armor called Tsun's Armor.