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An OBSE Plugin that adds various additional UI functions , some quest functions and some misc functions.

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Name: MenuQue
Version: 16a
Author: Kyoma
Thread: http://http://forums.bethsoft.com/topic/1455885-relz-menuque-3/

This plugin for the Oblivion Script Extender is the result of me looking into how both OBSE works and how the game works. It began as a small plugin with only a handful of UI and quest functions. But it quickly grew far larger than I could have ever imagined. For a full list of functions and descriptions check out the documentation in the archive. But it is safe to say that the bulk of these functions allow for greater and/or easier manipulation of the UI (through script) aswell as help create new UI elements or whole new menus. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Other features:
* The ability to load an additional 25 extra fonts, giving a larger variaty to choose from.
* The ability to load additional strings.xml files, which the game uses as a source for string localization (e.g. language and translation).
* Easy to use replication of the few hardcoded behaviours of the UI, like scrolling, dragging or small typing boxes.
* The ability to create and manage additional skills using the amazing AddActorValues plugin.
* A handful of fixes, enhancements and additions to the UI.

For a complete description on these features check out the cs wiki page for MenuQue here: http://cs.elderscrolls.com/constwiki/index.php/Category:MenuQue.

To install
* Copy the Data folder and its content to your "Oblivion" folder.
- This plugin requires OBSE v20 or higher! You can find the latest version at "http://obse.silverlock.org/"
- To view the command documentation you can open the "menuque_command_doc.html" file in the archive or visit the TESNexus page for the latest version.
- The ini file will be (re)created when needed.
- (for modders) The name of the plugin (to be used with IsPluginInstalled) is "OBSE_Kyoma_MenuQue" and the current version number is 16.

To uninstall
* Delete or change the extension of the "MenuQue.dll" found in your "Oblivion\Data\obse\plugins" folder. Optionally delete the "MenuQue" folder and "MenuQue.ini"

The only known incompatibility is with any of the "asian language" OBSE plugin. When used with any of those be sure to change "bAllowExtraFonts" to 0 in the ini. Otherwise it WILL crash your game.

Version History

* Fixed GetMousePos returning incorrect values.

* Made it possible to use an extra font directly in the xml by using its name as a token, e.g. &MyFont;
* Fixed bug with scroll systems in menus that already have a vanilla scroll bar.
* Fixed bug with undocumented xml string operators.

* Minor changes to layout of source files and docs.
* Now includes a dummy dll with the old filename (OBSE_Kyoma_MenuQue) to ensure the old dll doesn't accidentally get loaded.

* Really fixed memory leak this time.
* Added option to ShowMagicPopupMenu to force close it.

* Added GetAVSkillMasteryLevelC, GetAVSkillMasteryLevelF and tile_GetVar.
* Fixed alignment issues with custom drag elements introduced by version 13.
* Fixed bug in CS where books without a 'teaching' skill were being saved as if teaching conjuration (21).
* Fixed bug where GetBookSkillTaught command returned conjuration (21) instead of invalid (-1) for 'non-teaching' books.
* Fixed bug where GetTrainerSkill & GetBookSkillTaught return value was off by 21 for default skills.
* Other fixes for skill-using forms (books, npcs, etc).
* Fixed memory leak with tile traits

* Fix xml parse issues when a child element is defined before any traits.
* Fix possible crash in the CS when a non-default skill has a default actor value.
* Actor value box in the CS skill dialog no longer contains default actor values.

* Fixed bug where the menu would no longer be valid inside the "OnClose" menu event.

* Fixed rare bug where an xml trait with an initial value of 0 wasn't displayed properly.

* Fixed skill experience not always initializing properly when starting a new game.
* Fixed bug with hash notation in the "tile_XXX" commands when also specifying a name.
* Added version check for AddActorValues to prevent problems with older versions.

* Fixed possible crash on exit.
* Fixed possible bug with overwritten commands that could make them behave slightly different.
* Fixed fail-safe for using extra skills with other form (books & npcs) not working properly. Now it really is safe to use in mods without MenuQue.
* Added GetSkillForm command.

* An intermediary version to confirm several bugfixes.

* Fixed crash when closing the levelup menu.
* Fixed crash when attempting to open a non-existing file with ShowGenericMenu.
* Fixed required skill experience not always updating for extra skills, leading to the wrong values in the stats menu.
* Added ShowLevelupMenu, GetAllSkills, GetTrainingMenuSkill, GetTrainingMenuLevel & GetTrainingMenuCost commands.
* Changed GetSkillCode so the return value can safely be stored in script variables and can now be used with actor value code commands (GetAVC, ModAVC, SetAVC, etc).
* Extra skills now work with OBSE's OnSkillUp event, using the same value as what GetSkillCode returns.
* Extra skills can now be used by books as teaching skill and by npcs as training skill, both in the CS and with the relative OBSE commands.

* Several fixes for X-Skills, it should now be in a more usable state.
* Added GetSkillCode and 'F' versions for most skill commands.
* Added more options for X-Skills.
* Added the option to fix case sensitivity for texture paths.
* Added the option to configure the quickkeys in the controls menu.
* Fixed a bug with OnClick and OnMouseover and corrected the docs on their parameters.
* Fixed a bug with GetWorldMapDoor not working on new games until the map menu is opened.

* Hotfix for bug with mqGetMenuGlobalFloat and mqSetMenuGlobalFloat.

* Changed internal structure and filenames.
* Rewrote most internal code, providing many bugfixes in one big swoop.
* Added missing GetTextEditBox and ShowTextEditMenu commands.
* Fixed GetTextEditString not returning text from most recent box like it should.
* Simplified tile_XXX commands.
* Upped requirement to OBSE v20.
* Added the "X-Skills" feature.
* INI now contains small description for each setting.

v10 beta5
* Fixed menu events not working.

v10 beta4
* Fixed bug with InsertXML leading to faulty element names.

v10 beta3
* Fixed another crash with some of the UI commands.

v10 beta2
* Fixed ambiguity with numeric and string values in the UI, which led to the display of just a '0'.
* Fixed crash with using text edit.
* Other enhancements and tweaks.

v10 beta1
* Alot of internal changes, mostly passive and for future features.
* A new (and hopefully final) set of UI commands: tile_GetFloat, tile_GetString and tile_SetValue. With much greater and more flexible usage.
* A function to retrieve all loaded fonts (default and/or extra).
* Commands for manipulating the text in small TextEdit boxes.
* Added fix for message duration always being 3 seconds (default duration is configurable).
* Added fix for the DUMMY text when there are no more ranks (text is now configurable).
* Fixed a few possible problems with "menu events" and added a few new ones.

* Now really works with OBSE v19.

* Lowered requirement to OBSE v19.
* Fixed two crashes with background processes of the menu enhancements.
* Fixed bug with GetWorldMapData not working properly for parented worldspaces.
* Fixed bug with GetGenericButtonPressed not working properly

* The OBSE team for making OBSE and scruggsy in particular for decoding basic font-related stuff.
* shadeMe, TheNiceOne, andalaybay, Claviticus for help debugging, suggestions and general support and motivation.
* JRoush for his excellent work on COEF.
* JRoush for his excellent work on AddActorValues.
* All the others I may have forgotten, please don't be mad...! :P