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Migck and lubronbrons

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Pretty much gets rid of vanilla fast travel, replacing it with a script that will move you to any map marker on your map, no matter where or in what state you are, and with no time passing. Ideal if you don't care.

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Faster Than Light Travel

(Unrelated to FTL)

I'mma let you guess this time :D

"Imagine if you will, you're wasting time at midnight, compiling crap in the editor of an old game, the kind of game that came out 11 years ago. Suddenly you receive a message, asking for an impossible task. Without any kind of coercion, you can't help but dedicate your time to trying to solve the problem presented. In your quest for the solution, you shall enter, The Scary Door."

... After more than 4 hours and learning more about moving horses with scripts than any person in this planet should, this abomination has come to fruition. So, lets make this, quick and painful...

Madly in love with The Todd for gracing us with the fast travel feature introduced in The Elder Scrolls™ IV: Oblivion? Frustrated of pesky restrictions to it, like stupid scripts disabling it, or not being able to fast travel away from your jail cell? Sick and tired of the precious in-game time wasted by traveling  from point A to point Z?

Presenting, FASTER THAN LIGHT TRAVEL! or FTLT, or Fetelte, or Fitlet mignon, or I dunno, my marketing department is too understaffed for this junk-ANYWAYS, this thing is so simple, even I could figure how to use it! Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Open your map menu.
  2. Click on a map marker. (NOTE from lubronbrons a.k. L : hold CTRL button while hovering the map marker to show more info, example see this mod screenshoot images)
  3. Confirm you want to travel there.
  4. Instantly appear in the selected location.

Easy! Fast travel from anywhere, to any of your map markers, and with no time passing! Companions, horses and mascots also supported. It's like regular fast travel, except it's not!

The best part is that no permanent damage shall occur to your savegame or cerebral cortex from using this product. Just plug in the file to install, and trash it to uninstall. Best practice is to also empty the recycle bin, do a 35-pass disk formatting, and burn the HD afterwards, just to be safe.

Dis-disclaimers: continuous unrestricted fast travel may crash your game, generate crippling addictions, or wane your interest in replaying a decade-old glorified sandbox. Migck's legal department declines any responsibility for the use of this product, in fact they decline so much that they don't care what you do with it, at ALL. Stay fast-travely, gentlegents.