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A useful radar appear on the screen which could show the NPC and creatures around on it.

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Mod Name: Obilivion Radar System

At first, please sorry for my poor English

1.OBSE 0019 or higher, download link: http://obse.silverlock.org/
2.OBSE plungy: MenuQue, download link: http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=32200
3.Oblivion v1.2.0.416

Now a new skin made by SpriterSan is available. It is made to feel more at home in the HUD.
Download Link: http://tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=35688

1. Appears on the screen of a radar with animation effect

2. Scaning all living hostile creatures and NPC in a specified range, and show it as a red dot on the radar.

3. Scaning all living unhostile creatures and NPC in a specified range, and show it as a write dot on the radar.

4. You can toggle the radar on or off by a shortcut key. The default shortcut key is "shift + End". This shortcut can be changed in the file "VipCxj_Radar.ini".

5. You can switch the display mode amony three modes. Respectively, show only hostile creatures and NPC, show all the creatures and NPC, only shows hostile creatures. Icon on the right side of the radar display indicating the current radar display mode. The default shortcut key is "shift + Home", this shortcut can be changed in the VipCxj_Radar.ini file.

6. You can zoom the range the radar scaning by the means of two short key, and the radar has a roll axis under it which indicates the current scan range. Default shortcut is "shift + PageUp / PageDown". And the maximum range and minimum range seted in the VipCxj_Radar.ini file.

7. You can adjust the location of the radar on the screen by setting the parameters in VipCxj_Radar.ini file. Two modes available. one is "floating" modes, one is "fixed" mode. Under floating mode, you can directly move the location of the radar on the screen during the game. Under fixed mode, it can be set by VipCxj_Radar.ini file parameter to determine the location of the radar. you have four choice, namely, lower left, upper left, lower right, upper right. You can switch two modes by setting the parameter "bLocated" in "VipCxj_Radar.ini". However, you can only use one of them in game.

8. Scanning frequency could be changed by setting the parameter "fScanDelay" in "VipCxj_Radar.ini".

9. The size of the radar shown on the screen could be changed by setting the parameter "fZoom" in "VipCxj_Radar.ini".

10. "iRange" is a funny parameter in "VipCxj_Radar.ini". It ranged from 0 to 12. If you set it to 12, you can prevent the dot on the radar from twinkling

11. This mod needn't the master file. So it can be used in Nehrim

copy right:
Please don't change my script and xml, however, You can change the picture of the radar and icon for free. I am pleased to see some plungy of my mod which make it to more adopt the style of Obilivion.All the .dds file is under "data\textures\menus\vipcxj\radar".

1.myjimson(Thanks him for his helping me drawing the picture of roll axis)
3.OBSE group
4.kyoma(the author of MenuQue)