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high res enhanced colored tamriel map extension using dynamic map mod esp. covers the worldspace of most relevant oblivion mods with one zoomable map

Permissions and credits
please do not upload this or any other of my file packages on any other site!
please respect my wishes! thank you!
if you find any of my nexusmods mod file packages on any other site it is
definitely an unauthorized copy from nexusmods.com and uploaded without my permission!
if you think about to disrespect my wishes please watch this first:

enhanced colored tamriel map extension using dynamic map mod esp. the needed esp version is included and has to be activated!

this map has an enhanced but performace friendly size to cover even more relevant tamriel world space with one zoomable map. you will find all your oblivion mod mapmarkers on this map, including hammerfell, skyrim, morrowind, black marsh and some isles.

important: remove dynamicmap mod if it is already installed before installing my mod v2.1. it may interfere with my mod settings and my mod will probably not work. you still need the prereqisites obse 1.9 and menuque for my mod!   

for everyone who likes the nice ones dynamic map mod but would like to have an extended colored one piece big map variant.
i merged standard colored cyrodiil map with valenwood and elsweyr colored maps because there is no simple to install extended colored extended tamriel map including all important mapmarkers out there. i added some valenwood landscape lod information to offer accurate valenwood map boundarys.
currently the elsweyr map does not exactly match the elsweyr anequina mod boundarys in the south (the senchal part). 
this map is handmade and not perfect in every detail. despite all that i hope you find this extended map convenient and useful.

if you are very fast activating the tamriel map the map markers could be erraticly shown. just open and close the map once again and everything should work as intended.

some words to the bundle of twmp mods - just to be warned.
the twmp project was very ambitious but in my opinion not consequently realized. after testing a lot of configs i must say i found no config without twmp related landscape gliches but with a lot of ctd's and instabilities if all twmp mods run together.
i recommend to install the non twmp standalone versions of these mods (hammerfell, valenwood, etc). it is not perfect but it's far more stable and works also nice with my extended map.

the needed and tweaked esp version of Dynamic Map by TheNiceOne (watch readme, it needs obse and menuque!) is included.
uninstall any  dynamic map mod version before you install my mod.
credits for the esp go to TheNiceOne. remove dynamic map mod if already installed before installing my mod!

Extended Map by alenet - only if you don't want to change the values in the dynamicmap.ini manually with V2.0 NOT NEEDED ANY MORE

check if prerequsites are installed: 1. obse 2. menuque
3. remove dynamicmap mod if installed.
4. install my mod, activate dynamic map esp!

thanks to theniceone, the author of the included mod esp
thanks to bobbyx for his idea of a simple but nicely styled colored map and alenet for the extended size map idea
thanks to the gimp developers