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This mod is designed to give players a little more control over items, spells, and enchantments.

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Advanced Magecraft v2.2b
Author: Smoke/HeyYou


This mod is designed to give players a little more control over items, spells, and enchantments. It is a menu driven mod, with a lot of flexibility and options.

The mod consist of several separate functions, these functions can be used to do just about anything you want with magical effects, and items.

(Version 2+ is an attempt to simplify usage, it is still menu driven, but menu's now only show options relative to the object you are working with. The system for working with objects has been simplified as well. You simply hover your mouse over the item in your inventory, and press the configurable "action" hotkey to display a menu containing possible options for that item.)

Current Mod Functijavascript-event-stripped=========================

1. Easy swapping of enchantments between items.

2. The ability to add multiple enchantments of your choice to an item. (ie, Multiple Effect Enchantments)

3. You can learn spells from scrolls.

4. You can clone items, as well as recycling them. (ie, Trash Can)

5. You can remove souls from soul gems. (requires soul gem magic by TheNiceOne for proper function.)

6. You can create your own Sigil Stones by extracting the effects from enchanted items.

7. You can disenchant items.

8. Weapon enchanting should be functional now. (A fix for weapon charges has been implemented, you can still end up with a 0 use item if you make it too powerful, so watch the uses as you add effects, if it gets lower than 50, I would be careful about adding any more effects.)

9. Arrow enchanting is now possible. Either use store/restore enchantment, in which case, you get a number of arrows equal to the number of uses the weapon had, or, you can enchant arrows directly in the enchanting menu. (either via hotkey, or use of an altar, number of uses will represent the number of arrows you get.)

10. You can store spell effects, and add them to items as enchantments.

11. You can create scrolls from spells(ie, scribing).

12. You can create constant effect summons and bound items. (You can even add multiple summons\items to one item. See the functionality section for details, and important notes.)

13. You can rename items

14. New GUI (WIP)

Note: This mod requires the Oblivion Script Extender(OBSE) v20 Beta5 or higher in order to function correctly. I would also suggest applying the latest official game patch if you have not already applied it. The unofficial Oblivion patch is also highly recommended.

OBSE - http://obse.silverlock.org/

Note: This mod requires MenuQue v9 or higher in order to function correctly.

MenuQue - http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/32200/?

Soul Gem Magic is also HIGHLY suggested for proper function of Disensouling soul gems.

What's New

1. Fixed an issue causing the GUI to display improperly. (It was resolution dependent, so you may, or may not have noticed\been effected by this issue.)

2. More adjustments to the recycling balance options. (Mainly, making sure it works properly regardless of what settings you chose in the .ini)

3. Recycling menu now uses a quantity prompt. Added recycling chest, for when you have a lot of stuff to dispose of.

4. Quantity prompts are now mouse draggable.

5. The main menu is entirely custom now. (No more boring messageboxes..)

6. Added a renaming function.

7. Added some code to help keep the mod working properly.

More readme updates, it should all be current now. (It has a few new things too, you might wanna skim it, if you already know the basics just to see what's new\changed.)