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Fully configurable crafting framework with custom UI elements.

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Crafting Framework

OCRAFT.esp is the core component of the mod, it contains the scripts powering the system, as well as base records for some common crafting materials and stations. However, by itself, this file will not change anything in the game.
This is a framework that can also be used by other mods, instructions are provided here. Allows creation of potentially unlimited crafting stations, with recipes supporting up to 7 components, as well as skill requirements.


OCRAFT - Integration.esp is a separate file, that actually allows the player to use crafting mechanics.
The following crafting stations are available:
  • Cooking Pots - used to cook food. Vanilla static versions are replaced, and some new ones are placed in suitable locations. Since vanilla game doesn't really have cooked/raw versions of food, another mod is recommended to make full use of cooking stations, for example Skyrim Ingredients
  • Anvils - used to smith weapons, which requires materials as well as Armorer skill. Replace vanilla static versions.
  • Tanning Racks - used to make leather parts from animal hides. Placed in various locations, most notably in Fighter's Guild halls.
  • Smelters - used to produce metal ingots from raw minerals. Placed in some vanilla locations together with forges.
This file also allows you to find or buy raw components. They are added to random loot and to blacksmith vendor inventories.