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An overhaul and expansion of Oblivion magic system. Adds many new spell effects and changes the mechanics on existing ones, adds meaningful perks for all magic skills.

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  • Russian
Technical Information


Av Latta Magicka REQUIRES the following to be installed:
Recommended mods for better experience (but not strictly required):
  • Fractional Magic Damage - makes magic damage calculation more precise. Note: it is not correctly packaged for a mod manager installation - you need to manually place FractionalMagicDamage.dll into Data\OBSE\Plugins folder.
  • Enchantment Cost Multiplier - allows increasing (or decreasing) the number of uses on all enchanted weapons. Lightweight and compatible.

If you install/update the mod on existing save, the following is highly recommended:
  1. Go into interior cell without any actors other than the player.
  2. Minimize the number of active magic effects on the player: unequip all enchanted gear, wait for all temporary spells to wear off, cure all diseases.
  3. Save the game and install/update the mod.
This is necessary, because if a character has an active spell effect, which is altered by the mod, changes may not work properly. Following these steps will minimize potential issues.

Third Party Tools
  • Be sure to use the latest version of Wrye Bash (307 or later), as it has support for OBME plugins. Do not use CBash mode when building your Bashed Patch, as it can potentially break OBME mods.
  • TES4Edit will show some errors when loading ALM plugins and/or using "Check For Errors" function on them (exact error messages depend on what version of TES4Edit you're using). These are false positives and can safely be ignored.
  • Features marked as [configurable] in the description below can be turned on or off, or otherwise customized.
  • I highly recommend using LINK configuration menu. Alternatively, "Av Latta Magicka.ini" file, located in “Oblivion\Data\ini” folder can be edited directly.
  • Optional global multipliers allow adjusting all damage done by magic, as well as spell costs and magic projectile speeds.

Compatibility & Cross-Mod Integration
Av Latta Magicka is mostly a script-based mod, so chances of a direct conflict with other plugins are small. Known compatibility issues are described here.
Everything listed below is handled automatically, without the need of compatibility patches:
  • Spell Tomes DLC - appearance of DLC tomes will match the ones from ALM. Stunted Magicka effect in 'Magicka Vortex' spell will be replaced with "real" magic effect, instead of scripted.
  • Knights of the Nine - appropriate spells are added to KotN vendors.
  • Elsweyr Anequina - ALM will replace scripted summon spells with proper usable magic effects.
  • Better Cities - some vendors will sell ALM spells.
  • Custom Potion Naming - ALM potions will be included in this mod's naming scheme.

Main Features Summary

Magic Skills
  • New effects for all mastery perks of 6 magic schools, some influenced by Skyrim skill perks. Details for each school of magic are provided in the respective sections.
  • Mastery levels for spells are disabled, allowing any spell to be cast with sufficient Magicka [configurable].
  • Spell projectile speed is influenced by skill level in corresponding magic skill [configurable].

Spells and Magic Effects
  • Over 30 new magic effects, most of them available to use in spellmaking and enchanting.
  • Over 180 new spells are distributed to vendors and enemy leveled lists.
  • In addition to basic ones, spell merchants offer many unique spells with interesting effect combinations and often lower Magicka costs, compared to the same spell if created on Spellmaking altar – so, finding different people to learn spells from can now be rewarding.
  • Trainers offer some spells for sale as well, however they usually have less spell variety, compared to dedicated spell merchants. Master trainers each offer unique and powerful spells in their school of magic – you can only buy them after completing the required quest for master training.
  • Over 100 spell tomes can now be found in random loot and sometimes in book stores.

Enchanted Items
  • Most enchanted clothes and jewelry are rebalanced, nerfing many overpowered items. It is now much harder to achieve high levels of resistances from just wearing enchanted items.
  • Unique items are unlevelled and have the same stats no matter what level you acquire them on.
  • Daedric Artifacts have unlimited charge [configurable]. This includes: Ebony Blade, Goldbrand, Mace of Molag Bal, Umbra, Volendrung, Sanguine Rose, Skull of Corruption, Staff of Worms,Wabbajack, Staff of Sheogorath, Mehrunes Razor. Fully compatible with mods that change enchantments on any of these items.
  • Some new enchanted items are added to leveled lists. Certain effects are only found on enchanted gear, some of them can increase the power of select spell types.

Game Settings
  • Total Magicka pool is dependent on character class: initially one point of Intelligence provides 1 point of Magicka; having a class specialization set to “Magic” will increase this by 1 point; having any of the 6 magic schools as class skills will further increase this by 0.5 points for each.
  • Magicka Regeneration is now dependent on Willpower stat only, base "free" regeneration is removed.
  • The minimum 5% armor penalty for magic effectiveness is removed with high armor skill.

Buff Stacking Disabled
  • Different spells with the same beneficial effect will no longer stack with each other, instead the total effect power will be no more than the strongest of the spells. For example, let’s say we have 2 different spells, one with 10% Shield effect, another one with 5%:
  • Vanilla: casting both spells will give a total of 15% Shield.
  • ALM: casting 10% Shield spell after 5% will decrease it’s magnitude by 5% (for a total of 10% Shield); casting 5% after 10% will have no effect.
  • Feather is the only exception from this - since it's more of an utility spell, rather than combat buff, no real reason to limit it.

New Mechanics
  • Magic Sneak Attacks with Novice/Apprentice Sneak skill deal 1.5x/2.0x damage for Target spells and 2.0x/3.0x damage for Touch spells [configurable].
  • Magic Effect Combo occurs when the same target is hit by 2 interacting effects. The first time that happens, you'll see a tutorial message. I don't want to spoil effect combinations here – discover them by playing and experimenting [configurable].
  • Projectile Control: continue holding cast key after releasing a spell to have (limited) control over the projectile during flight [configurable]. This requires a skill of 25 or higher in respective spell school.
  • Illegal Magic: Casting Open and Telekinesis spells on owned objects is now considered a crime [configurable].

Spellmaking and Enchanting
  • Custom spells with the duration of 1 second will be converted to instant.
  • Damage Magicka can now be used in custom spells.
  • Some effects, for example Charm and Fortify Skill now have a minimal durations, as otherwise these effect are too easy to exploit.
  • Reflect Damage, Reflect Spell, Resist Magic, Resist Normal Weapons and Spell Absorption can now be used in custom enchantments.
  • Increased the upper limit of magnitude, area and duration of custom spells [configurable]. These changes automatically support vanilla, DarNified and NorthernUI.
  • Effect list in enchanting menu is less cluttered - negative effects are hidden when enchanting apparel, and positive effects hidden when enchanting weapons.
  • Formula for custom constant effect enchantments is tweaked. There is now more difference between enchantments made with larger and smaller souls, especially for expensive magic effects.
  • A new rare item called Welkynd Essense can be found - using it allows creation of one custom spell for free.

Visuals and Sound
  • Unique icons for vanilla effects that didn't previously have one. All new effects also have their own icons.
  • Unique visual and sound effects for some vanilla and new effects.
  • Restored cut unique models for potions of different magic schools. These are the same as in Oblivion Content Restoration Project.

College of Alteration
Alteration is a magic art that involves the manipulation of parts of the physical world and its natural properties. Spells in this school change the world around the caster so normal physical truths no longer hold.

Skill Perks
  • Apprentice: Protective Alteration spells you cast are 20% stronger if not wearing any armor.
  • Journeyman: All beneficial self-targeted Alteration spells last twice as long when cast outside of combat.
  • Expert: Having an Elemental Shield effect active will augment casters Fire/Frost/Shock Damage effects and increase their magnitude.
  • Master: Having Slowfall effect active allows hovering in the air using Jump key.

  • Fire, Frost and Shock Shield effects no longer provide physical armor bonus, instead they will damage all attackers in melee range, as well as provide elemental resistance [configurable].
  • Additionally, new Poison Shield effect is introduced, which follows the same rules as above.

  • Custom Open spells can now be made with touch range, so they can be used underwater. This is also the only effect unaffected by Spell Effectiveness so it always properly works on all locks of displayed level.
  • Light spells were moved into Alteration school [configurable]. Color of the spell can be customized, by default it has a more neutral white tone, instead of vanilla green.
  • New Slowfall spells slow down caster’s vertical speed when falling, allowing to take less damage and to travel further when jumping.

  • All Burden spells have a chance to cause stagger on hit, based on the spell’s magnitude.
  • New Expose spells make targets more vulnerable to physical attacks.
  • Petrification is a new disabling effect, which turns the target into stone for the duration of the spell – unable to move or attack, but at the same time highly resistant to physical damage and unaffected by any other magic. Petrification comes with it’s own resistance value (see Restoration section) – some enemies, like vampires and non-corporeal entities, are immune, others can be resistant.
  • New fire, frost and shock weapon buffs are added – they provide a corresponding elemental damage bonus to caster's weapon attacks, but only on weapons which don’t have an enchantment of their own.

College of Conjuration
Conjuration magic is the art of summoning creatures or items from another plane. Spells of this school are primarily used to summon a wide range of creatures, weapons and armor, as well as having limited control over the dead.

Skill Perks
  • Apprentice: Bound Armor will change to Heavy\Light type depending on the highest armor skill.
  • Journeyman: Every time summoned creature damages an enemy, summoner restores some Magicka.
  • Expert: Bound Weapons will soultrap enemies and banish summoned creatures.
  • Master: 50% of damage taken by the summoner will instead be transferred to summoned creatures.

  • It is now possible to summon more than one minion at a time, with sufficient Conjuration and Willpower [configurable]. The number of creatures player can simultaneously summon is calculated by the following formula: (Willpower + Conjuration)/60, rounded down - meaning that you can potentially have up to 3 summoned creatures at high levels. It is displayed in magic menu, below spell list.
  • Restored Summon Wraith and Wabba Summon magic effects, originally cut from the game.
  • Added Summon Imp/Wolf Familiar low level Conjuration spells.
  • Summon a Flaming Familiar, which will explode with AoE fire damage.
  • There are new ways to counter creatures summoned by enemy mages: Banish effect will send summons back to Oblivion, while Unbind Summoned will turn them against their master.

Bound Items
  • All Bound weapons now have new visual effects, similar to their Skyrim version [configurable].
  • Bound Sword is changed to one-handed version.
  • Bound Battle Axe, Bound Claymore and Bound Warhammer are added to complete the full set of bound weapons.
  • Bound Bow will produce an infinite supply of arrows to use with it. These arrows are also unaffected by gravity.
  • Cost disparity between different types of bound weapons is greatly reduced, higher level spells now have longer duration.
  • A new Bound Torch spells are available, which summon a unique torch glowing with magical fire.

  • Reanimation has been given a big expansion. Instead of being used on only one unique staff, this effect is now available in form of multiple spells, spread throughout the world and can also be used in spellmaking.
  • Reanimation spells have a level-based magnitude, so stronger spells are required to reanimate more powerful minions.
  • Fixed a potential crash when reanimating NPC with bow equipped.
  • Reanimated minions will not fight the player, regardless of their previous faction affiliation.

College of Destruction
The School of Destruction is concerned with dealing damage to all forms of matter, both living and non-living, and with making matter more vulnerable to such damage.

Skill Perks
  • Apprentice: Casting an elemental damage spell will make the caster 15% resistant to this element until the next spell is cast.
  • Journeyman: Elemental Destruction spells have a chance to cause recoil on impact.
  • Expert: Unlocks special impact effects from elemental Destruction spells.
  • Master: Each hit with Destruction spells applies 10 seconds 15% Weakness to Magic effect on target. Stacks up to 3 times.

Environmental Effects
Environmental effects such as weather and location will affect elemental Destruction spells [configurable]. All modifiers are multiplicative.
  • Rain: Fire spells are 25% weaker; Frost spells are 15% stronger; Shock spells are 25% stronger
  • Snow: Fire spells are 25% weaker; Frost spells are 25% stronger;
  • Target is swimming: Fire spells are 75% weaker; Frost spells are 25% stronger; Shock spells are 35% stronger
  • Inside Oblivion: Fire spells are 25% stronger

Elemental Magic
  • At Destruction skill of 50 and 75, elemental magic effects will unlock impact effects. Chance to inflict them scales with Destruction skill and target’s resistance to particular element.
  • At Journeyman level all effects have a chance to cause recoil; at Expert level Fire spells can knock back, Frost sometimes freezes the target in place, and Shock may inflict a short paralysis.
  • New Poison Damage effect is introduced. It is slightly cheaper than elemental damage to offset the fact that poison resistance is more common.

  • Disintegrate Weapon/Armor effects no longer have duration setting (it was bugged and didn't actually work).
  • Drain Health effect will no longer kill the target. If effect magnitude is greater than target’s current Health, it will instead be left with 1 HP [configurable].
  • New Curse Health Regeneration effect prevents the target from restoring Health by any means.
  • Weakness to Magic is no longer affected by target's magic resistance. This achieves 2 goals: first, it removes the cheesy mechanic where this effect could multiply itself with continuous applications. Second, it becomes significantly more useful against targets with high natural magic resistance.

College of Illusion
The School of Illusion involves manipulating the mind and senses of the enemy. Illusion's reality is only in the mind of the caster and the target.

Skill Perks
  • Apprentice: Targets under the effects of Frenzy, Command and Rally deal 15% more damage while targets under the effects of Frenzy, Demoralize and Calm receive 15% more damage.
  • Journeyman: Successful sneak attack with any spell will turn caster invisible for 5 seconds.
  • Expert: Calm, Command and Frenzy spells work on Undead/Daedra, Demoralize works on Daedra.
  • Master: When target under your Frenzy spell is slain, their killer becomes frenzied instead.

Mind Tricks
  • Mind-altering spells will no longer work on Undead and Daedra, unless the caster has Illusion skill of 75 or higher.
  • Frenzy effect is expanded to work on all actors (in vanilla it works only on NPCs, not creatures).
  • Casting Command, Frenzy or Demoralize spells is now considered hostile.
  • Charm now uses a dedicated script (original Charm is actually a Fortify Personality effect), which will make it work correctly with mods that change how NPC disposition is calculated. In addition, maximum effectiveness of Charm spells can optionally be limited, depending on caster’s Illusion and Personality and target's Willpower.

  • Maximum total value of Chameleon is capped at 75%, which is still powerful, but not completely game-breaking [configurable].
  • New Project Phantom effect is added, which creates a random illusory creature, that cannot deal or take damage, but serves as distraction for your opponents.
  • Any active Night Eye effect can be freely toggled using a customizable key (Default: N).

  • Being affected by Paralysis will prevent the player from opening inventory or other game menus (except main menu). In order for 'Cure Paralysis' potions not to become totally useless, you will be able to drink them if assigned to a hotkey.
  • Silence can now be resisted, similar to Paralysis (see Restoration section).

College of Mysticism
Mysticism is the school of sorcery least understood by the magical community and the most difficult to explain to novice mages. It seems to derive power from its conundrums and paradoxes. The act of experimentation, no matter how objectively implemented, can influence magicka by its very existence.

Skill Perks
  • Apprentice: Spells from all Schools cost 15% less to cast.
  • Journeyman: You absorb 2.5% of every slain enemy soul to restore some charge to equipped enchanted weapon.
  • Expert: Killing an enemy absorbs all its remaining Magicka.
  • Master: Any spell you cast has a 25% chance of not consuming Magicka.

  • New Ethereal Form effect makes the caster impervious to damage, but is dispelled on any action.
  • Spell Absorption now behaves differently – instead of being chance-based, it always works and absorbs the percentage of incoming spell’s Magicka, but doesn’t protect from the spell itself [configurable]. Additionally, Spell Absorption now only works against hostile effects.
  • New Damage Absorption effect behaves in a similar way, but restores Magicka proportional to physical damage taken.
  • Reflect Magic and Reflect Damage effects are both capped at 80% [configurable].

  • Detect Life spells now use different colors depending on actor’s soul level, and actors without a soul will not be detected [configurable]. Optionally, will not detect Undead (disabled by default).
  • New Detect Dead effect is added, which highlights dead bodies and Undead actors.
  • 2 vanilla bugs with Telekinesis are fixed: Telekinesis scrolls will now actually work and Telekinesis spells will not erroneously increase their range if
  • cast without a target multiple times.
  • Soul Trap doesn’t work on reanimated targets (this prevents an exploit where it was possible to soul trap them multiple times).

  • Absorb Heath/Stamina/Magicka/Attribute/Skill effects are moved into Mysticism school [configurable].
  • New Fortify Spell Power effect proportionally increases the magnitude or duration of all spells.
  • Dispel can deal damage to summoned creatures [configurable].

College of Restoration
The School of Restoration specializes in magics that ease, heal, and purify. Restoration spells heal wounds, cure ailments, restore and fortify the body's attributes and abilities, and protect it from other malign influences.

Skill Perks
  • Apprentice: Magicka regenerates 25% faster.
  • Journeyman: Beneficial Restoration effects become progressively more powerful when used on targets with less than half Health.
  • Expert: All spells are 25% more powerful against Undead.
  • Master: Healing and protective spells from Restoration school now have the ability to dispel continuous damage effects and certain debuffs.

  • Turn Undead is moved to Restoration school [configurable]. Summoned Undead are banished by this effect, instead of fleeing.
  • Additionally, Turn Undead is expanded to work on NPCs, such as vampires and NPC ghosts.
  • Fortify Attack Damage adds a static damage bonus to all physical attacks made by the caster.

Resistances and Buffs
  • Elemental resistance effects are cheaper in order to make them worth using as spells. New spells with elemental resistance effects are distributed to vendors.
  • All individual resistances to hostile effects are also applied to self-targeted spells.
  • New resistances are added: Resist Petrification and Resist Silence both add percent chance of avoiding corresponding effects, same way as vanilla Resist Paralysis.
  • Fortify Health will no longer decreases health below maximum when it expires, preventing this effect from potentially killing the player.
  • Resist Magic is capped at 85% [configurable].

  • Most Restore Health spells are now more powerful, but work over time, rather then instantly. Casting Restore Health on wounded actor will give a minor increase of disposition.
  • New Lifeward effect is introduced – when target is about to die, it automatically restores specified amount of Health.
  • New Donate Health effect allows the caster to heal the target at the expense of his own health. Has very low Magicka cost, but caster can be killed by this effect.

  • New Cure Silence effect is introduced, which removes Silence from the target. Available in forms of scrolls and potions.
  • Cure Poison will interrupt new Poison Damage from Destruction school, as one would expect.


Skill Perks
  • Apprentice: Increases base chance to harvest an ingredient by 20%.
  • Journeyman: Gather an additional ingredient when harvesting.
  • Expert: Poisons on your weapons last for two additional hits.
  • Master: Unchanged from vanilla - can create a potion from single ingredient.


  • Effects and prices of all vanilla potions are tweaked, they now last significantly longer. Prices are manually set, instead of auto-calculated.
  • Healing potions restore Health over time, but for a larger total amount. They are generally slower than Restoration spells.
  • New potions with various effects are added to leveled lists, so they can be found in both loot and shops.

Potion Limit
  • Is now calculated by the following formula: (Endurance + Alchemy)/25, rounded down [configurable]. It cannot be below 1, regardless of stats.
  • Alcoholic beverages and other food items will not contribute to potion limit.