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A comprehensive overhaul to everything horse related, including a new skill, reworked movement animations and sounds, access to saddlebags, horse whistle hotkey and more.

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Horse Gameplay Overhaul

Horsemanship Skill

A brand new skill is added which gradually increases horse acceleration, handling and jump height. It is increased by simply riding horses, as well as some other interactions and has a full set of perks:
  • Apprentice: Making small turns will no longer decrease galloping speed
  • Journeyman: Unlocks rearing.
  • Expert: Unlocks strafing.
  • Master: Horse can run on water, but only when galloping.
Trainers and skill books for Horsemanship are also available.
If OBME is installed, enchanted items with Fortify Horsemanship can be found.
  • Horsemanship cannot be selected as major class skill and also for spellmaking/enchantment. This is a limitation of X-Skills framework from MenuQue
  • Master trainer (and corresponding quest) is not yet added


  • Walking - default horse walking speed had been slightly increased, but otherwise unchanged.
  • Trotting - a new motion, this is basically “fast walking” - a middle ground between walking and galloping.
  • Galloping - this is the default “running” motion, heavily tweaked. Overall faster then in vanilla, and horse speed will gradually increase over time up to a certain maximum. Acceleration is based on Horsemanship skill. Top speed is based on horse breed.
  • Turning - small turns will decrease max galloping speed, unless Horsemanship skill level is 25+. Holding turn controls for longer will decrease speed to trotting.
  • Inertia - horses no longer instantly stop after galloping, instead a special stopping animation is performed.
  • Rearing - a new motion, unlocked at Horsemanship skill level 50 and activated by jump key when standing. Rearing can be used to gain a starting speed boost and go straight to galloping.
  • Strafing - a new motion, unlocked at Horsemanship skill level 75 - hold Block and use left/right controls to strafe.

  • Each owned horse gives access to saddlebags. They can be accessed by pressing the inventory key, while having owned horse under the crosshair.
  • Saddlebags capacity is limited to 500 units (configurable). Capacity is shown in container UI.
  • Contents are shared between all owned horses.
  • When a horse dies, all saddlebags contents are moved to it’s corpse. They can NOT be retrieved by accessing another horse’s bags at this point.
  • An extra UI element shows saddlebags capacity while in inventory menu. Compatible with DarNified UI only.

  • Press a custom key (Default: H) to whistle to your horse and have it come to you and follow. Press again for it to stop following.
  • If the horse is too far away, it will be teleported somewhere out of view (configurable).
  • By default, this only works in Tamriel worldspace. An option is available to have horse teleport into any exterior worldspace. Regardless of the setting, horses will never come to interiors or in Oblivion worlds.

  • Same key used for Whistle can be used for horse interaction.
  • Pressing this key while mounted will have your character pat the horse.

  • Movement animations have been tweaked to match the dynamic speed values from mod’s scripts.
  • All animations had their sound keys overhauled, needed for diverse step sounds.
  • Moving backwards on a horse has player looking behind.
  • Galloping has player leaning closer to the horse.
  • Dismounting animation ends much faster than in vanilla.
  • Jump landing animation is a bit shorter, for faster transition into movement.
  • Certain animations (like stagger and recoil) had rider movement added.
  • Swimming animations are moderately faster.
  • Fixed some minor issues with vanilla animations, such as rider spine distortion during backwards walking or gallop having 3 step sounds instead of 4.

  • Horse is now vocal, producing random grunts, more often during fast gallop.
  • Added random sound for player commands, using vanilla game voices (configurable).
  • Diversified hooves sounds: horses sound differently on stone or wooden surfaces* and in water.
*Due to the limitation of OBSE scripting, this is only possible when riding on a static object (for example, stone or wood bridges). Riding on terrain will have default sounds, unless in water.

Minor QoL Tweaks

  • While riding a horse the game’s “gravity” setting is increased – this fixes the situation where galloping even slightly downhill causes the horse to “run” in air and then fall.

  • Not compatible with any mods that replace vanilla horse animations. Please make sure none of the animations from this mod are overwritten by anything.
  • Not compatible with other mods that change horses' speed. This mod dynamically adjusts speed and also provides tweaked animation files that work best with it.
  • Partially compatible with Oblivion XP. Horsemanship skill can't be increased at level up and will level by usage, like in vanilla.
  • Compatible with horse texture and model replacers, as long as they don’t touch the animations.
  • Compatible with any mod-added horses, provided they use vanilla skeleton. Partially compatible with other types of mod-added mounts - saddlebags and whistle should work with anything, but many other features will likely not work or look weird.