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This mod completely overhauls and rewrites the system for detection, sneaking, stealth attacks, plus much much more! And it can be fully customized to taste.

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news as of 7/4/2018
Official Series 9 release is finally available!
Please note that the current version 9.010 is (mostly) bug free and all the features should be working.  There are still major performance issues if you have a heavy load order with lots of graphics and high population density in exterior locations.  You can expect up to a 20 FPS drop.  Interior locations don't seem to have any issues.

I also want the performance to be better for myself, so as much as it saddens me, I have decided to do another pass in the future that will significantly cut back on features and the complexity of the revised detection formula.  However, I don't have a lot of free time, so I don't have a timeline for when that will happen.

In the meantime, I hope you will give the current version a shot, and let me know what works and what doesn't.  If there are specific features you don't want, need, or are relatively unimportant, let me know and I will consider your suggestions when I revisit this.

The website has been completely overhauled.  And I *think* all the documentation is finally up-to-date.  If you have any questions or find any errors let me know in the forums or via private message.  Check it out here: SDR Website

Shadow Hide You...


Sneaking Detection Recalibrated (SDR)
Voted FILE OF THE MONTH on the Oblivion Nexus for April, 2012
Category: Gameplay Effects and Changes (Stealth/Detection/Magic/Combat)

This mod re-calibrates the system for detection, sneaking, and nearly everything related to it.  And by "re-calibrate", I mean a complete page one rewrite of the whole freaking system

Features includes:
- A completely rewritten detection formula that replaces the default Oblivion formula, built into an efficient OBSE plug-in.
- Immersive features, such as transparent sneaking NPCs, dynamic night-eye shaders, alternate detect life shaders, and new perks.
- New NPC AI detection behavior changes including using detection magic (night-eye/detect life) and a custom version of SM Combat Hide built in.
- New spells/effects for blindness, deafness, muffling.
- Revamped sprinting / movement / fatigue options.
- Alternative ways to "skill-up" when sneaking, including points for undetected clean kills.
- Revised rules on how invisibility works when it comes to detection, torches, and light spells.
All of these features and much, much more...

Major benefits compared to other stealth overhauls:
- SDR does not modify any skills, making it compatible with all leveling mods, including Oblivion XP.
- Works out of the box with the default settings, but can be customized with various .ini files.
- Extensively documented on SDR's Official Website, which you can also download locally as a single HTML document.

About Performance Improvements
Series 9 has been rewritten extensively to try and improve performance.  However, in combination with mods that add lots of content, especially high population densities in exterior areas, there will be a very noticeable performance hit.  More information about performance and how to improve it is available on the SDR website.

Required / Recommended / Optional files
Please see the required files link above for a full list.  Additional details, along with installation instructions, credits, development plans, contact/legal permissions, etc. are all on SDR's Official Website.

If you are updating from any version prior to version 9.000, you should completely uninstall the old version, do a clean save without SDR loaded, and then install the new version of SDR.  Otherwise bad things happen.  Complete installation, uninstalling, and version change log information are available on the SDR website.