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About this mod

Adds new customization options to character creation.

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This mod adds new customization options to character creation (RaceMenu), including:
  • Ear shape (for all races, except beast)
  • Antlers (for Wood Elves)
  • Horns (for Orcs)
  • 3D beards (for all races, except beast)
New UI elements for those parts are inserted in main race menu and they can be selected like vanilla ones.


To work properly this mod has several requirement, please make sure you have them installed.
  • OBSE, MenuQue and Blockhead - provide necessary script functions, nothing will work without these three.
  • DarNified UI (or BAIN version) - recommended to provide extra space for custom UI elements. Works with vanilla UI too, but scrollbar is a bit ugly.
  • Oblivion Character Overhaul (or, better yet, Advanced Edition) - mod may work without it, but wasn't tested, and new parts are fitted for OCO heads.
  • OCO Uses Merged Teeth - Antlers replace the upper teeth model, so this is needed if you plan to use them. Not super important though, because you don't see player character teeth in 99% of situations anyway.
  • Extended UI - optional, if you want to change your existing character with new options, use this to avoid messing up the stats.

Known issues & limitations

  • All non-beast races share the same ear options, for simplicity. This means that you can give humans elven ears and vice versa. Also, one of the custom ear options for each race will be identical to their default ears.
  • Beards do not inherit hair color and, to my knowledge, it is impossible to make them do so. Instead, each beard comes with several fixed color options.
  • If you load a savegame when your character is mounted on a horse, this mod's visuals will not be applied until you dismount. This is a technical limitation.
  • Wood Elf antlers will clip with most headgear.
  • Currently, mod adds no new customization for beast races.
  • If using Extended UI, update to version 1.11+
  • Does not work with NorthernUI.