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Adds options to alter the cost of training sessions based on a few things, and adds a few features to improve training overall.

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Dynamic Training Cost


I am so fed up of making these mod descriptions... but I must not falter!

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to my latest battle against the Oblivion scripting engine! The fighting was fierce, the contestants were most unsubtle and unimaginative, but in the end, I came out victorious once more, to the joy of my ego and the woe of good code writing practices worldwide... but enough about singing my praises, lets get down to what is this and why you should or shouldn't care.

This mod will change the cost multiplier for skill training based on several factors which you can customize to your liking, thus providing variable skill training costs according to:
  • Your own character level.
  • The trained skill being one of your major or minor skills.
  • The trained skill being of your class specialization.
  • Your base value in the trained skill's governing attribute.
  • Whether you share a faction with the trainer, and your rank in it (NOTE: only factions joinable by the player, and only the common faction in which you're highest ranked, should count)
  • The trainer's maximum training level (basic, advanced, master)
  • The trainer's disposition towards you.
You can also add a flat offset to all training session costs regardless of skills, applied after calculating available discounts and surcharges to the regular cost.
The modifiers that these factors provide can be made to display in the training menu as you can see in the screenshots, a feature I hope you find welcome. I suggest you use the training cost and level fix OBSE plugin as well, either here or bundled in the Unofficial Oblivion Patch, to have correct base training costs. Chances are you'll need Darnified UI or an UI replacer with plenty of space to see all the new text correctly.

An additional option enables unlimited training sessions per level, by resetting your training session count after each session instead of raising the setting like so many other mods do.

It also allows you to add one of two features regarding training:
  • There's the option of having the training menu pop back up right after clicking the train button, so that you don't have to select it again in the dialog menu after every training session.
  • Or, you can configure an amount of game time to go by after every training session, like it did in Daggerfall and Morrowind. The amount of time will also appear in the menu. Use with care, since weird things could happen after forcing the time to advance in such a way. The trainer's AI will be updated after the training session, so you'll have to mind his service hours.

To install the mod, drop the contents in your Data folder and activate MigTraining.esp. The chance of conflict is, as usual with me, kinda minimal. This mod uses Fundament to securely apply and remove my changes to the training cost, so other changes to that setting will be acknowledged. The new descriptions in the training menu is simply appended when the menu is opened through menu functions, so other mods that change the menu layout should be fine.
You can alter all the associated factors' influence in training costs in the ini file provided at 'Data\Ini\MigTraining.ini' (NOTE: you really ought to, since all options are disabled by default), and you can translate or edit the new info displayed in the training menu by changing the text at 'Data\Menus\Strings\MigTraining_strings.xml'. To uninstall, simply deactivate or delete MigTraining.esp, and delete these files as well if you want, there will be no permanent changes to your game whatsoever.

And that's it, hope you enjoy.