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Adds a brand new Crafting skill to the game based on the OCRAFT framework!

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OCRAFT Crafting Skill
After endless waiting to see if someone would add more new skills to Oblivion, especially for crafting, I finally decided to add itmyself. Using the magic of AddActorValues and MenuQue, this mod adds a brand new, custom crafting skill based on the OCRAFT Framework.

New Skill
The new Crafting skill automatically levels with the player when they craft an item through OCRAFT. The gained XP is directly proportional to the crafted items gold value, which is the most balanced way to tell an item's worth.

New Perks
The new skill wouldn't be complete without perks, which are as follows:
NOVICE - 20% chance to fail crafting an item
APPRENTICE - 10% chance to fail crafting an item
JOURNEYMAN - 5% chance to fail, 5% chance to not use a random crafting component
EXPERT - 1% chance to fail, 10% chance to not use a random crafting component
MASTER - 0% chance to fail, 25% chance to not use a random crafting component, 10% chance to produce double recipe output

Completely Configurable
After tearing Maskar's Unarmored Skill apart from the inside and out, I figured out how to make a quality skill mod, and with it comes all the configurability you'd expect from such a mod.

In Data\Ini you'll find two files:
- GPCrafting.ini, which covers all the main settings you can change, including the failure rates, ingredient saving rates, extra output rates, exactly how much extra output (default is double), the skill levels at which these perks appear, the skill's governing attribute, and more.
- GPCrafting - Races.ini, which covers the starting skill bonus for each Vanilla race with the ability to add custom races.

This mod touches zero vanilla records, and only changes 2 scripts in OCRAFT.esp to allow for my mod to function, there should be no incompatibilities at this time. That being said, this mod WILL need an update should OCRAFT update the OCRAFTQS or OCRAFTFnCraftItem script. It will also conflict with any mod that significantly changes other aspects of OCRAFT.

Ultimate Leveling's XP mode is natively supported.

LINK support is also integrated.

Further OCRAFT Integration
Barring any major bugs in this release, I will be moving on to integrating other popular mods into the OCRAFT Framework, including MOO, OOO, and Oblivion Jobs. Stay tuned!

OCRAFT - Oblivion Crafting Framework

qwertyasdfgh for OCRAFT
Maskar for his unarmored skill mod, which I thoroughly enjoyed dismantling to understand its inner workings
Maskar again for Ultimate Leveling and LINK
JRoush for AddActorValues
KyoParadox for MenuQue
Ilde and the entire xOBSE team for OBSE
Bethesda for Oblivion